Eggs and Tators

She called it, Eggzeroneous. Don’t ask.  That’s just what mom always called her famous, kid-friendly breakfast.  It was a treat when I got up in the morning and she was at the kitchen table peeling potatoes. Though this may seem ordinary or even, *gasp* …….greasy, this simple meal still makes me happy. And my kids too.  I heard a friend once recently say, “I eat happy, not healthy.” And in this case I would have to agree.  I will never turn down fried potatoes unless a doctor says I will die if I eat one. Nuff’ said.  I won’t go into all the details of posting the step-by-step with this one since it is self explanatory.  You peel the tators’ in desired shape or thickness and if you are like me, you prefer your eggs over easy.  Now mix it all up for one supa’ happy concoction.


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