Trusting While in the Battle


My soul is literally at rest when I think about the Lord and how good His ways are. I think the reason I love the Psalms so much and that I feel like I know David personally is because I can relate very much to the words he wrote about how he felt about the Lord. He loved the Lord’s ways so much that he was moved in many ways, at one point dancing until his clothes were falling off.

This morning as I made my cup of coffee and sat down to journal what the Lord would speak to me, I ended up writing down a few small pages worth. The one word that kept coming back to me was contentment. I asked myself, “Why do I feel so content right now? How am I able to be this way easier than years before?” The answer came immediately. “Because you are learning. You know the God of the universe, who has your life in the palm of His hands. He has shown you continually year after year, day after day, that as long as you put your trust in Him, everything is going to turn out for the best. The victory is already ours.”

When you start your day off resting in His presence and acknowledging His sovereignty, I believe it is truly the best way to equip yourself for the day. That is why reading and hiding the Word of Truth in our hearts is so vitally important to believers in Christ. Psalm 119:11, “I have hidden your word in my heart….”

We can not waltz into daily battle without our armor on any more than a soldier or a marine can go into battle without their proper gear. Realize you are in a real war and begin to equip yourself. Of course He does the shielding and wielding, but it is our duty to pick up that sword to begin with. Recognize that your sword is the Word of God.

~Meg Weyerbacher

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