Grace In The Moment Book Review


     I know we are not that far into January, but have you ever picked up a book and made a proper judgment based off of a couple pages you were able to quickly read?  This is one of those times for me.  I had been praying for a book like this to come my way.  We have read through the Jesus Calling book for kids and we also read through the comic version of the Bible a couple years ago, but I wanted something more straight-forward applicable for my children’s ages.

     I love how this one is short, sweet and to the point. I also love how it takes each daily verse and makes it short, blunt and easy to understand.  It also has a small paragraph at the end of each day; an example of how young children could apply it to their own lives that day.  I have gotten so much out of this book even at my age of 29.  That is exactly what happened when we read through the the Jesus Calling Bible, kid’s version, 2 years ago.  It seems like if you just take God at His Word, it is much more simple than we typically make it.  I know we need to grow in the Word, don’t get me wrong.  But I have this butterfly feeling in my stomach when I read this book. I am telling you, you just need to read it for yourself and when you do, come back to my blog and give your own rating!  For me, it’s 5 stars.


     This was from today.  I decided to use some of these scriptures for our memory verses, and though today is actually January 13th, we are a little ahead in our devotional.  When we got it for Christmas I just couldn’t wait ya know…

     Not my best font style or artwork, but our markers are already running low!  I will give those bistro markers a rating of their own.  Colorful for the 1st few weeks but if you are like us and use them a lot they are looking to have  a lifespan of approx. 30 days. Bluh. Bistro markers for a chalkboard get 3 stars.

~Meghan Weyerbacher

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