Avoiding Confrontation and it’s Seed of Restlessness

Today is a new day. Thank God. After yesterday’s post I need refreshing. I grabbed the book I’m reading right now, Living Beyond Your Feelings by Joyce Meyer, and I reread part of chapter one and began chapter two. I’ve been taking this book slow, not because it is hard to process but because this is my “battle” area. The mind, as stated yesterday, and my emotions. I want to blame being a woman on that part but I don’t think God’s going to let me get away with that!
I’m not going to go overboard today but I did want to share a paragraph that I just read that made me wonder if this is why I feel so like – I’m – about – to – explode sometimes.

As you will see, it says for one who avoids confrontation, they can be left wrestling these things instead of being at peace. And if you know me, I’ve spoke this dozens of times over my life. “I avoid confrontation. We just try to keep to ourselves.” I’ve worded it different ways but this is just one example.


I actually did have this happen yesterday where I mentioned something to a friend about another friend, and though at the time I had good intentions, as soon as I got off the phone that conviction wouldn’t let me be at rest. I wrestled for a bit while doing dishes and I knew I couldn’t “unsay” what I had said so I prayed about what to do. I ended up feeling led to tell that other friend what I had said. It wasn’t anything bad, and it was to ask for prayer for her, but God’s been teaching me here about His sovereignty and that it’s better to avoid looking like a gossip and just trust that He is big enough to answer that prayer without necessarily asking a multitude of people for prayer. In some cases this may be just what needs to be done, but not in this case really.

So after I talked to her I felt so much better. And she was not upset at all either which helped me feel like I can have more confidence that God will help me do what’s right for the next time I need to confront someone.

~Meghan Weyerbacher

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