Beloved Brews: What I Love to do that Feeds my Soul


I am joining the Faith Barista’s and today’s topic is What I Love To Do That Feeds My Soul.

I love to bask in God’s Word.  Reading it, listening to it, pulling up a YouTube playlist of music that plays it ~ I will dance to it, I do chores to it, I talk to my kids about it (I home school so I try to use every opportunity to plant little seeds), I hunger for it.

If I don’t get my morning God & me time, it shows.  I am working on that too. I don’t want the rest of my day to be based off what I wasn’t able to do, but I am just saying, it makes a huge difference.

I used to listen to worship music in the house all the time.  It is almost like my coffee to my soul.  I wonder if I have been over-thinking and getting a little too stressed out (more than normal for me) because I haven’t just basked in that lately….

Writing. Writing is definitely my souls way of getting fed.  I am getting back to writing songs too, and I think this new season of blogging helped   open that door back up.

My #1 way of getting soul fed is by strumming the guitar and just pray/singing my heart to God.

I am not a great guitarist. I don’t mind.  I am learning and I love just being real with Him. Give me more God and I am good.  God bless you all, I pray each one of you finds a way(s) to feed your soul and draw closer to our Father.

One thought on “Beloved Brews: What I Love to do that Feeds my Soul

  1. This is wonderful, Meg. Spending time reading God’s Word is life-changing. Letting His love fill you until you overflow with words and music of praise sounds like an abundant life. Thank you for sharing this!

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