A Word Feast


We are {feasting} on books, books & more books today. As a home school parent, there’s nothing more challenging yet rewarding than getting your young children to the point where they are confident enough in their reading to start exploring. This is the “hallelujah chorus” moment when you are at the library, silently praying, and as you keep close tabs on them, you notice their little eyes widen with delight and dart from left to right, up and down taking it all in.

This basically explains our first big trip to the library last week. I had shied away from that place for nine years, can you believe it? All because I was paranoid I would be “the mom” who brought “that kid” in and disrupted the quiet, peaceful tone.

Three kids later I ventured in, due to our little science class I mustered up the courage to go to {pictures below} and I was taken by suprise at how good my kids were, including my just-turned-three year old.

Library trip



So food for thought on this book feasting day: Don’t let fear control you Meghan! You were missing out, and it was not only fun and educational but free!

-M. E. Weyerbacher

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