Real, Energetic, Life-Giving Fruit


I felt today that I was simply supposed to share this positive reminder. I hope all of you will remember that we are freed from any bondage that may have had us trapped in the past, and Christ wants to lead you on a new path now if you have chosen Him as Savior. Now we are filled and overflowing with more of His Spirit so that we can share this goodness with others.  God will never call us to something without giving us what we need to do it.  Let’s get away for a moment from all the distractions that pop up and just sit and read what HE has to say about us.  From personal experience, when I start getting pounded by everyday life issues while I am at home, I take a mommy time-out and make a cup of coffee and sit on my bed with my Bible in my lap.  I go to the book of John or Psalms {or where ever God leads me} and I begin reading to remind myself of the Truth.  Works every time. His Word IS Life.

~Have a B L E S S E D Thursday~

Meg Weyerbacher


2 thoughts on “Real, Energetic, Life-Giving Fruit

  1. Hi Meg. Your words were very on-message, coming at a time when God has recently declared a breaking of areas of bondage that had me enslaved and bound for years. These words spoke soul-deep, reaffirming God’s promises:”remember that we are freed from any bondage that may have had us trapped in the past” as they reminded me of the new freedom God has given me, and His desire for me to walk in it and live it out. Thank you so much! I’m really grateful you were my neighbour over at Blessings

    1. Thank you so much for sharing. Words can not express how it feels to know that there are others like-minded who have overcome or are overcoming things as well. I will check out your blog too, have a blessed day!

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