You are a piece of the Master | a masterpiece


We are all made in God’s image {but} we are all uniquely made.  I am in a season of learning how to set aside other people’s expectations {or just the one’s my mind tries to make up} about me.

This season, let me tell ya, is rather invigorating.  God is setting me free. Free to be me.  And I can safely be me because He truly abides in me.  I can not and will not choose to wallow in worry anymore when I act in obedience to what the Holy Spirit has lead me to do.  It is always a learning process of coarse, and I understand that I will still fail at times, but I would rather risk failing than never trying.

I want to be a city set on a hill.  A lady at church said these words to me last week and she does not yet know the positive effect they had on me. They were spoken at just right time when I needed an encouraging Word to remind me of who I am. {the Bible itself does this too but we all need uplifting sometimes from the mouth of someone}.

This is a new year. A new day. A new SECOND!

When I begin to focus on God’s love for me, and how full of mercy He is, it changes everything. It goes from my head to my heart to my way of living! Then comes the trickle effect….

…Lord let those I come into contact with see YOU in me.  Let them see that there is purpose and life to be lived because YOU came to set us free so we tell others that they ALSO are masterpieces of the Master.  Share the beauty of love in action today with someone around you.

We are living art.

{clay in His hands}

How has God showed you recently He truly loves you and has a purpose for you, His masterpiece?

Because, yes we know and are thankful Jesus died for us long ago, but EVERYDAY He is able to show us His divine love. It is never-ending, does not cap out, never runs dry.

~Meghan Weyerbacher~

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