A Time to Act: Standing Up For Your Rights

Hello fellow readers. I have not blogged at all about politicalness but I assure you this is on my heart when it comes to prayer and a desire for justice.  I am a member of the RNC, as well as Patriot Voices and ACLJ.ORG.  We actually give a small amount to the ACLJ  each month because we wanted to put the money God provides us in places where our prayers and convictions are.  If everyone just gave a small portion each month, to the organizations who are fighting for our freedoms and rights, it will add up.  God can do much with little, remember?  Taking the 1st step is key.

My dad instilled in me at a young age, the need to educate oneself and not be ignorant of people governing over us.  Voting of course is a HUGE way to make an impact in local and bigger government.  But I am writing about other ways today. I am blogging today about utilizing the tools given to us on a daily basis, to stand up for our faith and other areas we desire to keep free, because the emails I have been getting lately state that though there is a good chance someone who is GOOD for our country is on the horizon to become our next president, so are ones that are NOT good.

Why let them get by without a fight? Why assume all is doomed? I know God is sovereign and has everything in His hands, but I do not believe we should just shake it off and go about our day.  I know that prayer is first and foremost.  I also think that after we pray we can take positive steps toward the very issue we just prayed about.  Many times there are opportunities to call our state senators and congress to give them a message about what we expect of them. That is their job eh? We can also email (they usually have prewritten letters that just need a signature) or use social media as an outlet to spread the word or call on them for accountability.

I know that President Obama does not seem to be standing behind Israel but that doesn’t mean we need to fall in line or give up.  Now is PAST the time for us to know our authority in Christ, get a backbone, and pray boldly before the throne of our Lord Jesus Christ.  And then if you are so blessed to have an opportunity to ACT, no matter how small or great the act, then do so please for the sake of the generations coming after ours.  – Meg Weyerbacher

Here is a link to Patriot Voices, just click the picture.



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