Becoming Radiant


God is doing some things in our hearts and in our home.  I can’t share it all yet, but will share as the Spirit leads.  Right now God wants me to trust Him, though I do not know how this new plan will unfold, and though people may question it.  He wants me to not focus on human expectation, but on His sovereignty.  He wants me to not focus on how big the risk is, but how big the reward of obedience is.

To be at a crossroads the way we are right now in some decisions we have to make is kind of scary in a way but the excitement and anticipation of new adventure and seeing what God is going to do far outweighs anything that could be taken as negative.

Ultimately my peace comes from knowing He is in control.

Lord, lead us down the path of righteousness, no matter what that may look like in our day to day lives. May we accept Your gift of  Grace, be dependent upon the Holy Spirit, and have compassion not just on others but on ourselves each day, as we live our lives taking the risks you call us to take; being fully aware we could fail, but realizing it is better to move forward than not move at all. Be the Light in us, radiating from the inside out, penetrating the darkness in the world around us. Let that Light be full of Love and bold, willing to risk rejection, as you did Oh Lord.  Souls are at stake. I want to live and love like there may not be a tomorrow.

May we have thankful hearts everyday and live our lives to the fullness they were created for. May we yield good fruit and be ready for Your return.

-Meghan Weyerbacher

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