Getting back to {His} Reality


A huge wave of relief washed over me as I read her words. This was exactly as I felt as well. There in the middle of Facebook, buried deep in comments by other women who had their heartcries laid out in the open, was someone I did not even know, yet I felt as though I did. It was like reading my own comment. She is another child of the King, like me but unique in her own way.

It is refreshing to know there are people out there who realize our fleshy human bodies (even those of us who walk in the daily faith lead by the Spirit) have limitations. So here it is:

I read this comment on a reply of Ann Voskamp’s Facebook post asking ladies to share what fears, frustrations, hardships, misunderstandings or any battles they face.

This particular lady said…

“Trying to be all things to all people – including ourselves.  How many outside influences (both positive and negative) are telling us the following (and this is just the beginning of the list…):
– Be involved in church.  Pray.  Read your Bible.  Serve others.  Go on mission trips …
– Teach your kids how to – be self-sufficient, do their chores, not be a bully, comply with requests, have a positive body image, do math…
– Go on dates with your husband.  Don’t wear sweatpants every time he sees you.  Make time to just talk.  Be seductive.  …
– Make time for yourself.  Get a massage, get a new haircut, get 5 minutes in the bathroom alone …
– Exercise.  Eat healthy.  Eat the chocolate.  …
– Be yourself.  Make changes to yourself.  Don’t compare yourself to others. …
– Work 40+ hours a week.  Work from home.  Be a stay at home mom.
– Make a budget.  Tighten the budget.  Go on vacation.  Save for retirement.  Buy the shoes. …
– Keep a clean home.  Let your home be a mess.  Hire someone to clean your home.  Redecorate your home on $10.  …

Do you see where I’m going?  So many conflicting priorities and we cannot fulfill them all.  Ever.  And we’ve done it (somewhat) to ourselves.  Mainstream media, social media, blogs, emails, the input never, ever stops.  And frankly, I’m sick of it.  I’m about in tears just writing out a mere fraction of it.  I think this is the biggest struggle and challenge – the desire to do it all, and the human limitations of why we can’t.  And how to reconcile all the inputs with our limited output.”

These words ripped through my chest. If you were my neighbor last week you would have witnessed me bawling my eyes out on my kitchen counter as I finally hit the bottom emotionally.

Ohhhhhh does that make me weak? Yes. I admit I am only human and can not save the world like I so want to.

But Jesus did. And I’m finding that He just wants me to focus on loving who is right in front of me and be fully in that moment. If I spend countless hours thinking about what I can’t do, the very power that lives in me from Him, will not be used.

Heart over mind I say. And even then, our hearts can deceive us. That is where I’ve found perfect peace: in His Word. There’s no place like it. I can read it and believe it and do it, not worrying because HE said it, not me.

Fresh. True. Living Words.
Straight from Abba Father Himself.
It’s called the Bible. Read it. Ask Him to speak to you and as you draw close to Him, He draws close to you. ♡♡♡

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