Springtime Snack | Fried Green ‘Mators

Fried green tomatoes are one of my favorite appetizers, if cooked right.  You don’t want them too soggy or overly crispy, so if you make these it’s best to stand near the stove the whole time they are frying up.  {Hint Hint} Do not walk away to go vacuum or clean your child’s room while they cook to a golden-like color. I say this because I myself find it tempting to multitask on too many occasions.

20150302_125518_zpsylfpuvmsI used pre-made batter in a bag from the store.


Try and slice your tomatoes fairly thin, about 1/2 in.  Too thick makes them soggy inside and too thin makes them get overdone too quickly.  You want a little ‘mator with your batter ha!

20150302_125503_zps4otgzeeyFry in oil.  Do not cover them but only put enough oil in your pan that they are about half covered.

20150302_131622_zps9xz6nlttThe important part about frying these is to have your oil already preheated on med/high heat.  When you layer the tomatoes in the oil, fry on the first side for a few minutes before flipping. You want each side to look like this photo, golden in color.

Have a blessed day!



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