The Divine Heart Transplant

wpid-20150318_072233“When following Jesus means more than just words, words won’t be enough. You will want to do. You will yearn to be a doer of good because you now see with new eyes, how good He has been to you.” – Meg W.

As a wife of 11 years now, it is a praise report that I can say I now get up with my husband at whatever hour of the day he has to wake up to get ready for work.  Yesterday and the day before was 2am I believe.  Super early.  Today was 4am.  Maybe that’s why I woke today thinking it was Thursday.  My days are running together!  I will share this nonetheless.

I couldn’t go back to sleep when he left so I took as, God wanted to talk.  This has been happening for a little while now and I’m in awe of how God draws one into that intimate place of fellowship, especially when it is quiet and dark out.  Seems to be His favorite time to commune with me.  Years ago a friend did say I seemed to be the night watchman.  But however you want to look at it, at least my husband gets blessed and it is helping me to be more disciplined in my prayer life and study time.  I have 3 kids so the wee hours don’t have any excuses.

I used to be lazy in that I would just give in to the flesh too easily and say, “Go make your own coffee and lunch but I love you and have a great day!”  I think if I would have known then what I know now, I would have put my selfishness aside and said hey this is worth it.  Why, do you ask?  Because what I know now is this:  His love language is me getting up with him for moral support, fixing him a cup of coffee and packing his lunch.

It means more to him then I ever knew.  He has had much better days, and tells me how it helps him.  And he won’t let me forget to pray with him before he heads out.  Nope. I can see how God covers him in peace with this.  I just love it.

What a number God is doing on me.  Changing my heart from the inside out.  He’s been there with me all these years.  I can look back and remember Him getting us through.  But it’s neat and amazing to feel Him working inside of me.

“What goes in must come out!  A life of prayer and in the Word, audibly and text, has proved to be the key to true, spiritual growth.  No circumstance can determine this if one solely depends on the Lord for life itself.”

Note: I was raised in church but had my rebellious youth days.  When I say “a life of prayer” I am more so speaking of recent years, but even when I would sit in my room at the ages of 10-12 I believe He planted those seeds down deep.  He never gave up on me, even when I chose to follow my flesh.  His whole Word is story of love & redemption to a people who do not deserve it.  Seek Him and you will see! He’s a gentleman, waiting for you open the door of your heart.

Be forever blessed, Meg Weyerbacher

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