Uniquely You | God’s Molding Process


Today I think God is trying to get my attention. Every time I read something it has to do with authenticity. I believe He is saying, “Stop trying to fit a mold that was never intended for you.”

If I’ve given you the gift of faith and love, Meghan, then stop trying to tone it down in order to avoid standing out.

He says, “I’ve created you to be a city on a hill, being a beacon of light which is lit by Me.”

God is mindful of me. He says, “Just as I purposely formed you at your 4’11 height, so I purposely formed your personality to be the way it is. As you are surrendering to Me daily, I am shaping you to become the masterpiece I had in mind. I only create with a purpose and I never run out of ideas.

I love you. So be loved and love.

-Meghan W.

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