Appreciating A Healthy Body

If you know me at all, you know that I completely believe God’s Word when He says exercising our spiritual muscles is even more important than the physical ones; nonetheless giving God our best with all the different parts of ourselves is important and today I wanted to focus on the physical since it is a new journey for us.

I am a small person so I have never felt like I’ve had to really strive to maintain a good weight or shape. God convicted me on this recently. First, wisdom said, “You don’t really think you will always look this way do you?” To which I replied, “Oh, no…I guess not.” (Followed by my quiet, nervous laugh) I realized in order to assure I did all I could personally do to keep this form, I needed to start NOW at taking care of my body; being mindful of what I put INTO it.

Everyone’s convictions are different on these things and I am not preaching from a pulpit of condemnation at all when I write this. Just so you know. I’m only sharing my findings so that if you yourself had been curious about certain products or methods, then maybe my experience can help.

I don’t want to bombard you all at once so I will start by posting one thing today that I have changed in my diet. I cut out regular milk and drink almond milk now. I actually tried the almond coconut kind because it was only 60 calories versus 90.


So there you have it. Keep checking back every few days to see what else I’ve cut out and replaced with. And know this, I’ve only been doing this 1 week and already my gut has went down. D.o.w.n. As Candace from Phineas & Ferb would say.

-Meghan Weyerbacher

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