When God Opens The Door | Our Moving Experience

We have a picture of life, painted in our heads. Then we wake up and real life begins. But it’s okay, with Him I count it all joy. I’m not being fake, I’m not being coy. Tales of surviving, tales of peace…many tales I have to prove God is on our lease. Through loud, adjoining neighbors, to bullets flying over-head, God was with us all along and by His grace we are not dead. – Meghan Weyerbacher 5.15.15

*yes our neighbors were caught up in drama and God spared our lives that night, not only did the overhead bullet miss us but the police said some bullets miraculously stopped in the wall directly behind us….eerr um…that’s my Lord Jesus who sent an angel to take those bullets for us, amen?! That was back in the fall of last year, but I never felt compelled to go into detail. It was a challenge to stay put and wait on God’s timing to open a door for us to move…

So here it is, 6 months later: The testimony of this house is, it not only is exactly what I longed for in my heart {fenced in back yard with trees, dogwoods too!! …but it is WHITE brick, with an attached garage, a deck and hardwood floors! The little details are totally God. He knows me so well. Inside & out!

We’ve been here about a month now which explains my lack of blogging ability. I pretty much had to do all the packing because of my husband’s schedule. Packed in only a couple days, moved in half a day, then unpacked in a couple days. Whew.

Well, not counting all the “stuff” still out in the garage. You know, the stuff that you realize you don’t actually want anymore because it just takes up space. LOL.

I did a few online sales but I’m feeling a garage sale coming up soon if I don’t get motivated to go through the rest. I had massive amounts of adrenaline right at first, but pretty much within the first week of moving I was once again tested. Won’t go into details but a few different events happened that really tested my patience and stretched me pretty good. But hey, I had been praying to go deeper with God so I really can’t complain. I may have at first, but now that I have come out of those times, I can look back as say, “It is well with my soul.”

Sorry to stretch this out but I kind of wanted to do the “move” blog just once. So much has happened and IS happening that I don’t want to spend all my time talking about this particular thing. The main testimony {back to that,…yes I tend to bunny trail}, is that we really thought we couldn’t afford this house, even after paying off bills etc, so I actually texted the landlord before he picked anyone {by this point we had already been shown the house and filled out the app} and told him after we got to talking about it again we just felt we needed to be really wise this time {lack of that in the past} and we were going to need to rethink our “name-in-the-hat.” He replied that he was actually going to pick us, and that he was hoping we’d say okay. He said they’d been waiting for the exact right people to come along, that it was why it had been vacant for a couple months. I was shocked at just that and told him I just wasn’t sure. I felt in my heart if it was meant to be, he would agree to give me some time to pray and not rush us into making a decision. Well, he not only didn’t rush us, he said he would be praying that God would give us discernment and make the right choice. He said he really respected that. After getting off the phone with him, I was shaking a bit. It seemed like this was too good to be true and that God had lined this all up. But I knew with what I had budgeted, it just wasn’t going to be good. It would mean barely making the bills, and I knew THAT wasn’t of God. So, I prayed, called Matt, explained it all to him, and we prayed on the phone together. Got off the phone and felt led to redo the budget for some reason. Lo and behold, I completely forgot to add in a huge chucnk of income we get each month. I don’t know how I forgot, but I did. Instantly I felt the Lord say, “Ok, NOW you can, because you were willing to say no even if it hurt, because it wasn’t using My wisdom if the funds just weren’t there.”

See, if you knew me before,…I had a hard time facing reality. I would desire things I couldn’t afford and tell myself it would all work out. Lies of the devil. Traps. These end with bad consequences, and not only was it a price I’d have to pay later, it was a damper on my marriage, because he was so laid back, he thought he was doing the right thing by allowing me to make these financial decisions, but really I needed someone to put their foot down and say , No.

So this is awesome, that God has brought us so far from where we were! It was a decision we had to make together, and though it hasn’t been easy, it has been so worth it! And now, my kids have a safe place to play, where I don’t have to hush them every time they make a sound for fear of the neighbors getting mad.  No more worries of Tay running out in front of a car on the way to our van. No more of that.  Life will always have its tests, those trials we face to grow our character, but I’m thankful we are through that one and on the flip side 😉 – M.E.Weyerbacher

PS: So now, if anyone who reads this likes to garden, I need your tips & tricks haha…

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