The Eternal Significance of Marriage


Chapter One ~

It was early. 4:20 to be exact. My alarm had just gone off, so had his.  He laid back down, poor guy. He was so exhausted from working so much. And yet, even after he had gotten off work the night before, he had went out of his way to retrieve my broken down van, and then walked back to get his own vehicle. He always goes above and beyond, that man.

So as I lay there, my mind told me I needed to stay in bed, to get well. I had been ill the past 2 days and would do anything to prevent it from getting worse.  The first day of illness was like a bad dream that seemed to drag on.  But the second, though my body was sore and my appetite gone, my spirit cried out to live once more.

My determination got the best of me about midway through the previous day and I pulled myself out of bed onto my feet. I knew we were out of coffee and that the kids had been cooped up, so I decided we should get out for just 5 minutes, long enough for us to change and run across the street to grab coffee and some donuts.

Even as we were getting ready the mood lightened. There’s just something special about hope. About happiness. About a mind-set that says, “Though my circumstance looks one way, I will choose to focus on the good part.”

We got to the donut shop and they were out of donuts. “No sadness, kids,” I say, “We can go somewhere else and grab you some.” But just as we pulled around the corner, the van died.

To my dismay, it wouldn’t start up again.  I took a deep breath.  I prayed.  Turned the key over, but still no power.  It began to get hot inside the van fast and the kids began to whine.  Suddenly, I was able to roll the windows down, so I did.  But no power now, and now they were stuck down.

“Okay,” I thought to myself, “text your friends who are close before your phone dies, that way someone knows where you are.”

I got a hold of a few people, and before you could say the word brother, a brother in Christ, a husband of a dear friend, showed up and helped me push into a parking lot, out of the way.  Bless his soul.  Both of them.  God uses them in my life a lot.  When I think of them, my insides tend to get all warm and gushy, but 10 times greater than what you could imagine.  My heart feels like it could explode at any moment from how much I love them.  And then I think, “If I love them this much, how much more does God love us? Wow…”

So this brother, this gent of a man, dropped the kids and I off at our home and as the kids went and played, I sat down in the kitchen with my cup of coffee that turned out to cost way more than I expected.  Sometimes our plans don’t go accordingly, but I knew God would take care of us because He always did. In that moment, I felt a peace wash over me. His peace.

I texted a few friends to update them on the circumstance, but it wasn’t from a place of fear or dread. Maybe a year or 2, or 3 ago it would have been this way, but with each year that we made it through one trial, we would come out knowing God even better, and would be stronger to handle the next one that arose before us.

You know when your mama calls and asks how you are, and you don’t even have the urge to complain, something’s different inside of you.  I smiled and hung up the phone, thanking God for the inner peace He gave.


It was now about 4:30 and my dear husband rolled out bed, staggering to get dressed, made his way down the hall.  Like, I stated before, my mind and all of human wisdom said I should stay in bed.  Besides, it was my right as a sick person to stay in that comfortable position, right?

My heart wouldn’t let me.  Or should I say, the Holy Spirit.  I’m sure God would tell me that deep urge to love someone beyond what flesh wants to do, is a gift that only He gives.  It’s what we do with it, that is up to us.

The Holy Spirit said to me, “He gives of himself, everyday.  Go and give of your 20 minutes to help him.  This 20 minutes will water your marriage more than you know.  If it shows him you love him and are appreciative, and causes him to be reminded why he does what he does, won’t it be worth it?”

“Yes, Lord,” I replied in my heart, “I agree.”

He was in the bathroom as I came out of the bedroom. Suddenly, the urge to surprise him welled up within me and I scurried down the hallway quicker than normal.  I quickly packed his lunch, and just as I heard the bathroom door open, I hit the brew button on the coffee maker and I hid beside the fridge.  I was hoping he would see it brewing, but not see me and say something funny out loud.  He always talks out loud to himself, and I sometimes get the privilege of being the one to hear!

To my own surprise, I felt a kiss on the back of my neck and he wrapped his arms around my shoulders.  He found me.

I knew in that moment, the Holy Spirit was showing Himself to be correct.  The little deeds done daily, with a heart of love and gratitude, root down into the deepest places of our hearts and souls.  They do not just effect us in the physical realm, but in each of our personal walks with the Lord.  Is that not the whole point of marriage? To be Christ to one another? To render mercy where mercy may or may not be due? To give only good and gracious gifts? To help each other on this journey of life?  If something as small as me getting up when I feel like I have every right to do what I want, but choose the selfless road instead,…if something that small can have an astounding and eternal impact on each of us, why wouldn’t I want to live this way each day?

The answer is, I do. We both do.  And that is why we are still married. Because we determined no matter how hard the going got, we were still going, with God.  God is the one who holds it together. He is in the center and all around it.  Not all days are perfect, but when I obey the Holy Spirit, He shows me life can literally be Heaven on Earth.  The reason so many say things can’t be perfect here is because they are focused on the outward.  If we would all obey when the Spirit tells us what is best, it would be Perfect, because that is who He is.

Author, Meghan E. Weyerbacher


Please do not copy or resuse this story in any way unless by means of sharing my actual blog post.  I appreciate all who read this and I pray it encourages you in your own marriage with the Lord and with your spouse.

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