Toddler-Friendly Treats | From Tubes 2 Cubes

Feeling compelled to experiment with some really nifty ice cube trays I bought used last year, I tried freezing my soy & dairy free Bolthouse Farms drink in them. The texture turned out amazing.  My three year old would live off of Go-Gurt pops if I let her, and this had the same end result minus the tube form. I just gave her a few in a cup with a spoon. This won’t be my last post on this topic. I actually want to keep experimenting in the kitchen and see what wins my daughter over and what ends up being a thumbs down. If you have a creative idea on how to take healthy, everyday food products and turn them into toddler-friendly treats, please post below for the rest of us to try! -M.E.Weyerbacher

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