Chapter 2 | The Story of My Life | Discipline & Will Power Motivated by Love


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Chapter 2 | The Story of My Life

It was 4:15 as the alarm went off again. Already?  Her body said no but her mind said yes.  This was an important lesson she was learning: that one could pretty much do whatever she set her mind to, if she had the will power.  She found out that she could whip her body into shape, get it to obey, by simply telling her flesh, “You are going to do this thing right now because it is a good thing and it must be done.”

So she willed her body out of bed to go make her husband some coffee and pack his lunch, again. Before it seemed this task was more annoying and daunting after staying up late (which she doesn’t recommend to form a habit of if you can help it), but the more she found that she truly had the help of the Lord each day, the easier it got. As long as she kept to it; didn’t slack off.  See, if she slacked, it made it easier and easier to slack the following days which led to guilt and regret.  Those are not things the Lord wants us to experience, so she could see why it was so vital to every part of our being, to give our best, our all to God each day.  She also understood more clearly now why the Lord said to not worry about tomorrow but to focus on what the present day was offering. (see Matthew 6:34)  God is so wise!


She went to go pull her husband out of bed, who did not get up right away because she hadn’t either. This really was a tag team deal.  When he figured out she had beat him to the race, he got up slowly and got moving.  He came into the kitchen as she was preparing his food.  Somehow she functioned quite well before her coffee, so long as she had a motivation beyond herself to be up in the first place. If it was just getting up for her own benefit, it seemed harder, but could still be done.  One lesson at a time. God is so nice….

“Being in a place of overflow, giving of oneself, re-energizes the soul from the inside out.” – Meghan Weyerbacher

After she typed this, she realized God said it first.  He did everything good, first!

“The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.”

Proverbs 11:25 NLT

He came and kissed her on the back of the neck and told her words that made her smile.  Being appreciated did mean a great deal, even though she never really understood what it meant to appreciate someone truly, until recently.

“See, people can say and say one thing, but their actions always prove what is really in their hearts.  We are all at God’s mercy, but all needing help along this journey of life should level our perspective at the foot of the cross.  No one is better than the other in God’s eyes and we are all in need of God’s love each day. He loves each of us so dearly!  And He freely offers it to us….but we must choose to not be lazy and actually lift our hands up to Him to receive it. You see, He loves us regardless of what we do, whether it be right or wrong, but in His glorious wisdom He tells us it is of our benefit to choose His paths and receive what He has for us. So today, choose to let Him love you, and choose to walk in His Truth.  Then, purpose to go and refresh another soul today.  You will see that the Lord’s ways prove true in every way.  He always proves Himself to be right, because He is the Living God. (not a dead man or a statue)


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M. E. Weyerbacher


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