Taking Charge and Changing the Atmosphere


These scriptures mean a lot more to me this week than they ever have, so far.  My middle daughter has been sick with a sinus infection and stomach bug all week.  As moms, I am sure we all experience this from time to time.  I prayed about what to write about and how I could express my heart in a true way that was still uplifting to other moms.

I hope these verses will be a loving reminder to you today that through our trials, circumstances, storms, mountain tops….God is right there and should be our source from where we draw from.

He should be our well.

He is  a living well and never runs dry even through the long days, sleepless nights, or whatever your life may look like today.

When we draw from Him, we will have have joy.

Let this joy overflow and be steadfast in your circumstance.

Here is a real example of this mama  who could have been on the verge of a meltdown (but probably not as dramatic as it would have been a couple years ago):

*I was trying to watch a movie. A decent one. I had searched and searched for a good movie because frankly, I was getting frustrated that e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g had some kind of sexual innuendo or fowl talk. (Ok, minus God’s Not Dead and some others haha) I finally found one and it was pretty good (Tommy Lee Jones ya know) but it was kinda sad themed.  I got a little inwardly stressed out due to my circumstances and I attempted to focus on the movie to get my mind off of things, only to feel worse but not really wanting to admit it.

I am hard to distract.  It is hard for me to relax or enjoy something knowing there is an outward or inward issue at hand.

Just then, my friend calls and without even really giving her much detail, she advises me to turn on some worship music to change the atmosphere.

(at this point she didn’t even know I was watching a movie and debating on whether shutting it off or not)

Yeah, I would have thought of that.  It’s me we are talking about. Lover of music. Worshipper at heart.

I was just being stubborn.

I took her advice though and put my favorite song on repeat.  It worked.  Because I had prayed prior to and decided to be obedient to wise advice (which was really from God..my friend was the vessel who was willing to help convey the message.)

The stress and negative thoughts left and I was in a place of joy because I got my focus off of my surroundings and upward on Him.

Here is my favorite song and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

Lyric Video

Hillsong United on Good Morning America:

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2 thoughts on “Taking Charge and Changing the Atmosphere

  1. Wow. Meg. this was like coming home & reading my own blog ;). I have been reminded this week to shift the atmosphere through worship as well. And Touch the Sky is one of those songs I use as well! 🙂

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