Backyard Blessings


Recipe for Backyard Beach Blessings:


Multiple kids
1 sandbox
Shovels, spoons, bowls
Sippie cups & snacks
Switchfoot playing outside
{Fading West Album}
Sparkling Ice to drink
Camera to capture moments

This is what we are doing today. Enjoying the great outback! Bringing the beach home is great.

I love sitting outside, feeling the wind whip behind my ears. It helps the writing to flow even more. It causes me to remember to count my blessings. Seeing the good in the small things. Which are not so small really.

It reminds me that kids are to be loved and enjoyed. To let them imagine and just be.

Stop rushing around. The pressures you put on yourself are put there by no one but you. We complain because we feel like we have lost control of our lives, our situations…but in reality we have more control than we think.

We make the beds we sleep in.

Ultimately we decide whether we come or go, sit or stand, run or relax. And there’s a time for everything at different times, but my friend please remember to focus on what’s important in life.
Life is short. It is a gift.


My prayer today in this moment is that many of us, especially in the Body of Christ, would realize the rushing mixed with stress and bad attitudes, the dreaded obligations, the powerlessness….does not produce the righteousness of God.

Those fruits do not taste good. God’s fruit tastes delightful. If anyone tries to complain or tell you otherwise, they are not talking about my God.

They have to get to know Him before they can talk like they know Him. People’s lives bear the fruit they grow.

What kind of fruit do you have lately?

God is merciful and each day is a new way to start over. If you have not been letting the Holy Spirit lead, been rushing to and fro with no true purpose, or even have just been living for yourself, OR have found yourself in a funk-state, call out to Him. Let Him lead you to S T I L L waters.

He will give you rest.

Meghan Weyerbacher.

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