Quick and Simple, Energizing Salad

Here’s a power packed salad that I just threw together, inspired by my friend’s recent order at Dennys. Hers had cranberries in it too but I am fresh out of those…

I love the artisan lettuce at local supermarkets. The variety is better and the kind in the containers stay fresh longer than lettuce and greens that come in bags.

I usually use salad dressing but when I grabbed my favorite Olive Garden dressing off the shelf while shopping, I noticed it had high fructose corn syrup in it. Sad day.

So , I opted to make my own and I knew it wasn’t difficult because I had watched an episode of Rachel Ray once where she used 3 natural ingredients in a jiff.

I have to say, I prefer the natural, lighter flavor of the olive oil and lemon juice. I just grilled up a chicken thigh I had on hand in a skillet and peeled the skin off, shredding it up.

Here it ’tis


Thanks for stopping by this lovely Monday. God bless you!
– M.E. Weyerbacher

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