LOVEly | Focus on Giving LOVE Rather than Receiving It

InspirationJune30This morning I prayed about what to write about.  I have really been trying to be more quiet and let God speak. To listen to what He has to say.  I get too loud for my own good sometimes.

It was quiet, quiet, and more quiet….until…


Okay, Lord love. What about love?



Yes, love. Love what _____?

Love. Without restraint.

Whoa. That is definitely You because I couldn’t have came up with that on my own.

Without restraint, Meghan.

Yes, Lord.


Have you ever found yourself trying to control a situation or a person without even realizing it?  Performing an act of love, hoping it will cause a certain outcome?

Even in our good intentions sometimes we may not realize we are “loving” with certain expectations in return.  I am desiring to take what the Lord said today to me and apply it to my life; to love boldly, unconditionally and freely, truly and deeply. Looking past how I will be received into the other persons soul. Loving with a heart like God’s. Loving without restraint. – M.E. Weyerbacher


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