Classical Conversations | The Adventure Begins

Drum roll please.

Okay, no drum roll.  But this is one happy mama to finally be writing her first official post on the subject of Classical Conversations!  If you are wondering what IS this thing that I speak of, I can give you a simple run down and also provide you with other links below, but for now I am like a bull in a pen ready to GO.

This pic was taken a few days ago as laid out all my CC paperwork.  I call it my outside office.


 I had my papers laid out again later on inside the house but it didn’t look as pretty.

That is the difference when toddlers are occupied (above) and when they are not and want to occupy their bodies in your paperwork, using them like a pile of leaves to jump in.

You can read a similar post about things not looking so pretty (mom stuff) by clicking here.

Okay, so what IS Classical Conversations?

I do not have a fancy answer for you.

In Meghan’s language: it is a really awesome community of people who are of one mind and one accord, using the classical method of learning.  Who get together once a week (and you also work on it at home) to

“Know God and Make Him Known” <———- motto.

Facts about Classical Conversations Community:

There are directors, tutors, subs, the parents & the children.

Directors, tutors & subs are paid positions.

They emphasize the importance of LESS is MORE by using the phrase, “Teaching with Just a Stick in the Sand” frequently.  In other words, we don’t have to have 1,000 things or books to teach as that can get overwhelming.

Instead, the main guide books you use are fairly fat books and no matter how many kids you have to teach (at home as well) you only need the one main book for each level that you have a child in.


There are 3 stages in Classical Conversations.  They are as follows:

Grammar Stage – birth to age 11 – This is the “Acquiring Knowledge Stage” ( I will have my 7 and 9 year old in this one)

Dialectic Stage – ages 12 – 14 – This where they focus on developing understanding (of the knowledge that was required in the Grammar stage) / Research (my 9 year old son will actually be doing this one too).

Rhetoric Stage – ages 14 and up – Focus on practicing wisdom / Application

You can read more in depth about these stages at their website.

You can also read about the CC lingo at or get connected with the community be registering on the their main website and going to CC Connected.

They have free downloads and more. To subscribe if you are already a member of CC it is only $6/month per stage for full access.

Here is another link we use to purchase our CC stuff.  I didn’t get everything that the checklist said to get because at Practicum (a training parents, tutors and directors can attend) they fill you in on the most important, needed now, items.

I chose to not spend $12 per child on the sketch book for science they offer, observing and recording, because Walmart had the $0.17 notebooks.  I figure we can take blank, white paper and cut and paste it to the top area of the lined pages to draw what we observe.  It is the same basic idea as the expensive one they offer. I just thought $36 for 3 notebooks was a little ridiculous but just my opinion 😉

Not all of their items are crazy priced as you will come to understand the depth that they go, and the length you will use them (getting your money’s worth)!

I am going to end here because too much info is stressful if our brains can not process it all LOL.

The first half of this was typed a while back and today I am actually finishing it up and will be preparing to post another CC adventure post since I have already been to a couple Foundations tutor meetings and an Essentials meeting (I sat in just a mom not a tutor because my son will be in this one too).

Tonight will be our last Foundations tutor meeting (where we bring our ideas for the first 6 weeks together) before the open house at the end of the month.  I thought some of you looking up, “First time Classical Conversations moms” may get at least one helpful thing out of it? 🙂

I am a first time CC mom and tutor so I know I appreciate gleaning from others!!!

So until next time, God bless and remember to not freak out in those first few weeks after Practicum because with all the other moms and videos/info you get, all the pieces of the big picture start to make sense.

Meghan W.

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