When God Gives You Advice, Pay Attention!

psalm11927     Sometimes it’s not until you go beyond God’s boundaries of protection that you learn to truly appreciate them.  In saying that, I am not condoning a person to purposely sin in order to understand why God’s commands exist, but I am sharing with you a personal lesson learned.
Just thought I would clarify…

     God give us His commandments that we may live; experience life.  When we choose our own way, the easy way, the mediocre way, it may save time and hurdles right then,..but the consequences are not worth it.

     I found this out the hard way very recently.  The Holy Spirit spoke to me in my heart and I knew I was to do something but I  p-u-t it  o-f-f.

     Let’s stop right there and chew on this piece for a sec.

Putting off what God tells you to do is just as bad as never doing it at all.


Because you have traded obedience for excuses.

No, God, not yet….is not any better than no itself.

     God told me ahead of time (before the situation was even set in motion) what I could handle and how to respond to people in order that I not take on too much, get overwhelmed and stressed and probably end up not only physically drained but spiritually drained also.

The consequences of me putting off what God told me to say, and instead choosing to say a more mediocre response, equaled a lack of daily peace in my life and then guilt soon followed because I knew I wasn’t heeding the Lord’s advice on this certain matter.

     Remember, He only told me this thing because it would protect me from taking on more than I could handle, so I knew if I was ever going to have peace now AND later, I had to confront the person/situation.

     As soon as I did what the Lord had originally told me to do, I had instant peace and He worked out the details perfectly on the other person’s end as well.

     We have all learned some lesson or another the hard way I am sure.  God in His marvelous mercy pulls us out of those pits, pulls off the blinders and allows His Light of Truth to come flooding in to save us from ourselves.

     If God has ever given you specific advice/wisdom in a situation because He knew best, I would love to hear your testimony.  God is great, amen?!

     -Meghan Weyerbacher

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