Moms Getting Interrupted but Giving Grace in Return

I started writing  a blog post a few days ago, but you know how it goes. A moment of inspiration, revelation; a moment of sorrow where you need to write out your thoughts…you find a quiet spot and start pecking away at the keyboard….

….with each line you feel more free as the burdens are lifted. Then, as if there is a red alert that goes off in your child’s subconscious when you sit down, they come bounding down the hallway towards you.

Sometimes they don’t even bound.  Sometimes you can hear them in the other room as soon as you sit down, “I’m telling mom!” or “Let’s go get mom!”

Really?  Am I that popular?

So back to the point.

Sometimes I write before I pray, sometimes after.  God knows our innermost thoughts.  He is a loving Father.  Sometimes our coming to Him isn’t always pretty, sometimes it is just plain messy.

He just wants us to come!!!

We show up in our natural, He shows up with His super and turns it into supernatural.

I think we have a picture in our heads of what “God time” looks like and if that doesn’t happen we feel like we are letting God down.

Example: I plant myself down on our sectional with my Bible in hand and say, “Lord show me what you have to say today.”  But I have woke up later than I desired so I have missed that rare window from 5:30 to 7am where all the kids are still tucked in and now a toddler is bouncing on me, distracting me from my God time.

In this moment I think I need to tread carefully.

I have made the mistake before time and time again of letting those frustrations get the best of me instead of God and my children getting the BEST of me.

So as a mom desiring for her children to know God on a daily basis, there I am with a Bible on my lap, looking like an oxymoron, emphasis on the moron.

“How can I fix this?” I wonder.

The Holy Spirit replies, “YOU can’t my beloved.  Embrace those moments.  I am still right there.  I am not bothered.  I am not shaken.  I am not surprised by my little children.  Let them come to me.  They come to me when you let them come to you.  I love you.  Relax.”

Matthew 19:14 Living Bible TLB

14 But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and don’t prevent them. For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Giving Grace 3

I need to be more like Jesus and allow myself to be interrupted by my little blessings. They really can teach me so much.  I need to portray God’s character to them.  They are my kids.  They are going to have moments. Don’t we all?  God is gracious to us in our messy moments, so let us bestow that same grace to our children.

Even as I am typing this my 3 year old has determined that she will have my full attention.  She brought me her coloring book and crayons and insisted I participate with her.

What did I, a mere human do as I was writing about this very thing?

My first instinct was to say, “Just a second, honey.”

I caught myself.

When my kids interrupt my God time, my writing time,…I need to embrace my child’s face and give lots of grace!

I put my laptop down and joined in. After all, time flies and she will not always be beside my bed looking at me with those deep, blue eyes, longing for affirmation of my love for her.

Or maybe she will.  Maybe when she gets older that will continue to be the way she most feels loved: by my spending quality time with her and by giving her untimed cuddles.

Untimed? Wha, Meghan? You time your cuddles??

Not usually, but I have my moments. There’s that word again.

Am I the only mom who, when we have much to do and are in go- mode, get interrupted by a child who wants to just hang on us or says come play with me that we have to literally pray God will help us to take a chill?

I am not the only mom I am sure.

God is changing my heart.  He is opening my eyes to appreciate these opportunities to love on them without thinking about my list, without thinking about the clock. Without feeling frustrated that I can not be everywhere I want to be and do everything I want to do.  I am learning, finally, to simply just be. Be with them.

Lord, You give us Your all, Your undivided attention, Your love unconditional and never ending. Thank you for allowing these daily moments to get a grip on my heart and shake me to my core so I can remember what life abundantly truly means.  You are always faithful to point me back to the cross.

Any other moms out there feel this way or have a story to share? I’d love for you to share your mama-give-grace moment by clicking the contact link on the main page or commenting below.  I love to read and learn from others experiences! – Meghan W.

PS: Check out The Measured Mom’s blog post, Comfort in the Cupboards where she shares her heart AND free printables of scriptures to put in your cabinets; little reminders that God is with us and helping us along the way. 🙂

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