Catching Up, Moving Forward


A quick cup of “catch up” of the last 3 months:

Was babysitting, signed up to do Classical Conversations (home school community), husband fell out of a tree saving a kitten and got injured and couldn’t work, I had to drop out of our CC and I had to go back to work (good news, I make latte’s all morning), God showed up in miraculous ways day after day, when we had the least God showed up the most, my netbook died so I wasn’t able to blog the journey but here I am again and today was my husbands 1st day back to work after being off for almost 8 weeks….but after breaking both wrists and healing in half the time (astounding the doctor might I add), he is ready to go back and I am happy to have a computer again (courtesy of my mama. thank you mom).

It has been a spiritual journey to say the least.  Hope to share some stuff one day.  In the mean time, we are still home schooling until God says otherwise, and I will remain working part-time until He says otherwise as well.  We have learned not to plan our lives.  Our lives are His.

We are probably more spontaneous and random than most couples anyhow but I like to think leaving the future open gives God room to push us outside of the box, without us suffering from shock so much haha.

Well, I am one tired mama.  More to come.

Be blessed my sisters in Christ,

Meg W.

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