A Cheap DIY Multiplication Chart/Booklet


     Trying to research certain things for hours on end to no avail sometimes causes me to have to go back to square one and remember that God gave me a brain to use as well.  So today when I was searching for that one really good math tip/trick to use in tandem with our regular math, I found myself having to just think up something different yet useful, because all the ideas I tried from other sites, my son just wasn’t interested in.  Or should I say, with him and I both having to figure out why the method was so helpful, we both ended up getting overwhelmed!

     I was trying to veer away from regular flash cards, to something that still orderly and visual.  He is almost 10 and doing a combination of different levels of work. Hooray for homeschooling – where you don’t get pushed through the areas you are struggling with and are free to excel in the stronger ones.

     We have a funny way of reviewing multiplication here at our house, but it works for us.

     We started with the easier ones like 0,1,2,5,10,11’s and then added on a few more, then kept reviewing the easier along with the more difficult, then life got a little crazy and we went (too long in my opinion) without practicing them daily and found ourselves having to go back and practice some of the easiers like 3’s and 4’s.

     Because of this, I decided to just start making a little practice booklet for each one.  Below is an example of the 2’s. It isn’t some genius idea, but simply a practical and frugal idea that worked!


We have extra long printer paper so it was perfect for folding evenly and inwardly.



So after writing them I just cut slits in between the answers


In order to prevent the child from seeing through the paper I double folded it


It worked out great too because it ended up long enough to stay under the left side (so it held it down on it’s own)


And I kept doing it all the way down




Ta da.

Have any of you mama’s had to come up with your own way of teaching multiplication?  I’d love to read about it.  I for one got burned out on using M&M’s and Legos.  😄


Meg W.

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