Crisp & Smoke

The glorious, crispy air wisps through her hair.

The sky is as clear as Cinderella’s glass slippers.


I see collages of colors batched together, yet scattered apart.  All by God’s grand design.

I find bent trees and funny shaped leaves, it’s like a natural scavenger hunt indeed.


The sun shines faithfully until around 4:30 and starts to slowly fade, slowly hide, slowly shoo.

Gone are the long, hot days of summer where it seemed like the day equaled two.


No, now when I get home from work, I juggle the art of salutations with my family, quickly followed by chores which are interrupted in approximately 15 minutes intervals by a kid who is in desperate need of _________,  so by the time the sun goes down, I can curl up on the couch with a book….or fold laundry while I watch Little House on the Prairie….or post photos of autumn-time adventures as I am now.

*clears throat as she goes back into her poetic narrator voice*


Oh autumn, you make me want to snuggle with a blanket while sipping some home made hot cocoa every evening.  You cause me to choose my daylight ever so carefully, yet I longingly look forward to the early nightfall because it is a sign that rest may be near.

Lovely autumn, you are here!

Lovely fall please stay a little while longer…

You come and go so quick, and I fear our time together never gets quite the attention I feel it deserves.

At least we have gotten to take advantage of your desirable weather by taking our school work to the park a few times here and there.


We love making memories with you.

Dear Lord, thank you for fall!  It is not only the crunchy leaves and smell of burning wood I am thankful for, but also that the old leaves turn and die, falling off in preparation for the next season.  And new seasons mean new adventures. Because life with You, Creator of all things good, is more glorious than 100,000 autumns put together.

By: Meghan Weyerbacher

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