Faith Walk Academy: Getting Back into the Flow with GEO

Every family goes through changes once in a while right?  Well we have had some for sure, no better or worse than others, but ones that make up the story of our life and praise God, He cares about the details of our lives!  If you would like to read a quick post about some of these monkey wrenches that were thrown into our lives at the beginning of the school year, go here.

With my husband going back to work and me cutting back on mine, I am able to be mommy teacher again yay!  Yesterday would have technically been our first day back to normally (whatever that means, right?) but I wanted to focus on cleaning and organizing the house before jumping back in.

By cleaning and organizing, I mean to catch up on all the normal chores so I can do extra, fun little jobs soon.

Let me reiterate briefly:

I mean to keep the dishes caught up so I can see my pretty counter all tidy and breathe in my “Campfire” scent bricks that are melted in my wax warmer.

Clean out the fridge so when I get back from the grocery store I can actually look forward to putting away the wonderful food God has blessed us with.

There’s probably more I could think of but let’s not dance around that topic anymore…most of us moms are probably in agreement about these things anyways!


So, drum roll . . .


We jumped back into our Classical Conversations Cycle 1 today! We had tried to keep it up while Matt was teaching but since he is so good with math (like, go get a Master’s and teach good) and the basics AND he really hadn’t got a chance to learn about CC in depth (because he didn’t get to go to the Practicum and sessions with me), we decided to take those weeks (the monkey wrench weeks, remember?) and focus on math and reading with the exceptional extra subject plus many library and park trips.

Of course we are weeks behind our CC community and hope to rejoin one day if God wants it, but until then we are starting at week 7 and moving forward!

Mom rant:

     It helps tremendously that I have a laptop and printer.  No wonder those first couple of weeks of school felt a little off!  Sometimes we take common things for granted.  Not that I had, but I never realized how much I depended on mine for certain tasks and looking up info.  That was right around the time my phone was messing up too, so I really wasn’t able to use the internet much.


     First thing I did when I was blessed with my new printer was put my crafty pants on and put my hands to making something that would benefit our school work.


I tried to use fingernail polish remover to take off the labeling.  I didn’t have 100% acetone so you can see it didn’t work so well.


I used the Modge stuff and painted it on a map of Kentucky that I printed off.

This particular map has the counties listed.


I painted my ice cream bucket black afterwards.

This really isn’t the loveliest looking craft but sort of a spur of the moment idea =)

     This game is still in the making. I still need to print off a list of the counties and put them inside.  I am either going to have the kids draw one out and have them tell me if it is from the Eastern, Western (etc) area, or think up a different game completely relating to the state counties.

     *I do not expect them to memorize them or even get them all right if we go that route, but I thought this visual would help them understand how the state is divided up and familiarize them with names.

Do any of you home school moms have ideas on learning about your state?  In this case, we are limited to funds as far traveling and learning that way, so I am looking for more ideas using our computer, arts & crafts etc.

 – M.W.

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