Patience: A State of the Heart


If you read last night’s post Life, unedited then you may understand why I am so excited this morning about this scripture God lead me to.  

As it just so happens, my husband and I have started a devotional together by Lauren and Tony Dungy titled, The Uncommon Marriage Adventure.

We had started to read their book, The Uncommon Marriage but felt it necessary to jump right in to application.

This morning is only day 8 we are on, and for the first time I grabbed the book to read the next one without the intention of calling him yet; we are doing it over the phone yes...hey whatever works!

At first I was wondering why I was doing this, until I read the main verse, Psalm 27:14 – then I knew what God was doing.

If anyone tries to tell you the Lord doesn’t speak, they are wrong.

He has proven to be alive and caring about my life too many times to deny.

**And He cares about where you are too!**

The Lord hugged me with His words this morning, gently and ever so softly confirming that what I am doing is right.  I have stayed true to my convictions, and I am not moving until God gives the go.

He reminded me that it is okay to stick it things out and wait on Him.

Stick what out? You may ask this…

All the things I am a part of.  All the things I am involved in.  All the the things I feel led to do, and where we are in our lives.

God is faithful.  He is saying, “Stop worrying my dear…all the days that you felt so weighed down and cried out for Me to take your cares upon Myself,…I Am.

It takes bravery and courage to wait and trust God in the middle of a storm.  I picture Him as the pilot of the plane of my life, and when the turbulence gets rough I am tempted to panic..even buckle a few times because I give in to the other voice pounding in my ear, telling me this isn’t the right way…it can’t be…because the storm seems to be going on for too long…  But God never steers me wrong.  He knows the safest and best path to take, one that will keep me trusting in Him no matter how bad the storm around me rages on.

I want the Peace Jesus had when He was napping on the boat while the storm raged on,…that is until the disciples finally woke him up.

Thank you for the reminder, Lord.  You always know what to say and when to say it!

Have you felt weighed down, worried that you’ve taken on too much?  Have you been in a “crossroads” season where you feel like you are standing in the hallway, waiting on God to show you the next step?  Do you feel like the storms of life are too much and need encouragement to stay steadfast where you are?

Wait on Him.  In the mean time, give your all where you are right now,and when the time is right He will lead you to the next step.  Hold onto Him with all you have.  He never leaves us.


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