Floods of Motivation

One wears many hats being a woman these days, especially when the hubby isn’t around much.  The past few days have consisted of cleaning out the garage so I can finally pull the van in, and dragging 4 trash cans through mucky, muddy rain water. The latter isn’t a huge deal since it wasn’t the first time, but with all the rain we had gotten, I had to trudge through deeper waters with the only boots I had // suede.  Yep.  Not cool.



It doesn’t appear deep but it was about 6 inches.  Our sandbox was full to the brim.  The wet boot pic above was before I went through half a dozen times.  By the time I was done the water had time to soak through to my socks.


Neighbors front yard blended in with the road.


Oh look, how uncluttered! (water leaks in from poor drainage out front)


Not! I managed to move the non-throw-away-items to the front before the rain got it, but hubby will have to help.  I am a shorty who can only stack so high. Maybe that’s why I like the concept of Minecraft so much…

PS:  Letting you see my junk in all its glory is pretty gutsy of me right?  Luckily my house doesn’t look so creepy.  My problem is, by the time I got through with life on the other side of the door, I was too pooped to do the garage.  Just one of those things I had to want it bad enough to get my behind in gear I guess.  God knew flooding rain waters would do it.  That’ll preach right there!


Yucky rain water again. But look!  I got the van. Well, almost.


Had to literally get out to check both ends before officially parking. And this process is repeated each time we get out.  Hubby, come home soon!

**I know, random – late night post just for laughs eh?**

I already had these pictures from sending them to hubby so thought I’d share.  It’s real life ya know. Blogs look so much prettier, but sometimes prettier is overrated.  Any other moms out there agree?  I really didn’t want to have to enhance or lighten my van photos. HAHAHA

-Meghan W.


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