Shifting Focus


Much was accomplished today but it wouldn’t have happened if I would not have left my phone off.  Sad but true.

I get easily distracted.

One thing I have learned is that in order to focus, it sometimes requires blocking out other things around your focal point. – Share

Hey, I had to do what I had to do.  So, my phone was off from morning until 5pm!

The above scripture in context is about to warn of a promiscuous woman, but as I read verses 1 and 2 in this other translation {I like to read multiple side by side when digging deep, to get the full context of what I am reading} I felt like I grasped what it was saying better than I think I had before.

In some other versions, instead of focus, it reads, “Pay attention!

After I read and reread and REread these scriptures, I felt the heat of the little light bulb that went on in my head and the electricity of it zapped down to my heart. I pictured my life, the decisions I make and how I spend my time, in a frenzy.

I can see why wisdom was pleading with this person to focus; to pay attention.  When you are focused you aren’t tying to do five hundred things at once.

There may be a time where I will be required to do multiple things at once, but in a state of focusing, I need to be still and alert; aware.

So in the case of focusing, less really is more.

You get much more accomplished when you can put your whole being into something.

In my relationship with God, I benefit from His closeness which requires me giving my whole self to Him.

In my being a teacher here at home, my kids benefit from me when I am prepared and fully engaged, enthusiastically feeding them knowledge and wisdom for that day.

So how I am today shapes how not just I, but my kids will be in the future.  They see how I handle what God has given me to handle.  I am not perfect but I know God can take even my failures and turn them around for good in our lives.  For example, the kids have seen me in an overwhelmed state.  They have watched changes being made, using Biblical principals and God-given convictions that are helping our family.

Maybe these seeds of learning to focus will be planted in them and over time root down deep in their little hearts, helping them to make wiser choices too.

What happened?

It was a much more smooth home school day because I didn’t have the temptation looming to check my texts and whatnot.  I don’t even like to be on my phone much, but it’s like knowing that I can look would make my mind wonder.  It sounds so immature!  But it is why ….

I want to give my whole heart, not just a piece of me dished out with excuses disguised as garnishes. – Share This

Whole heart to God, whole heart to hubby, whole heart the kiddos..

..because my kiddos are my responsibility. And after I have poured myself into those above, and He leads me to the outside world, I will be more than able to pour out to who He brings my way because I will be satisfied in Him.


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