Pets And Parenting

Mmmmm. Smell that?

Fresh brewed coffee.



Yes.  In my defense, they have nowhere near the odor that mice do.



Today was a lesson not just for the kids to learn responsibility, but for mom to let them.

You know how it is right?

When you want something done and you want it done right.

It is much easier to jump to it, get the sucker done and call it a day.  But I am reading Boundaries with Kids  and it is helping me to realize there are some habits I have in my parenting, though good intentions, that are not going to make for responsible adults later.

Eek and eek.  Give me Grace!

And I receive it.  I am by no means trying to achieve perfection in my parenting because I will, let me repeat, I will fall short of that bar.

But so far, sticking to my guns and letting the kids know what is expected of them and following through with the consequences if they choose not do those things, has been a relief rather than a headache like I assumed.

I am non confrontational by nature so I thought just getting the socks picked up, cleaning the hamster cage, flushing the toilet, doing all the chores..would be easier so I could avoid the headache of arguing.

It was causing the kiddos to get more sassy, all the while being ungrateful of their slave mother.

Ok. That was a little dramatic.  And no I don’t go crazy if the toilet isn’t flushed. My point is, they will hopefully learn that mama isn’t going to do everything for them anymore and since I have become a little more grounded, it is already showing results.  Mainly with my son and my toddler, but my middle child who has always had more of a tude, isn’t falling in line quite as quickly.  It is okay, it will take time I am sure.


Lesson for mom? Demonstrate a new thing for the kids, but then allow for mess ups or messes when they actually do the thing you asked.

Hamster cage = tricky | but.they.must.learn.Meghan…back off.

And they did okay, they really did. We had to sweep after we swept, but it all worked out. Yeah it took 3 times as long, but after I told my insides to sit down and shut up, it got easier to cheer the kids along rather then be a grumbler or a critic.

Lesson for kids?  Do what we talked about, when asked, and if you need help just ask.  I’d rather them ask for help then get so frustrated with something that they loose it.

I want them to know they can come to me.  Especially, err um, regarding hamsters.  Parental guidance required // my kids are 10 and under!

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