Classical Conversations Timeline Wall


Halfway through the school year we finally got our timeline wall up!  It isn’t anything fancy, and we are still working on the paper version, the print out, from

In the mean time, I really wanted to use the actual CC Acts and Facts Timeline Cards because they cost so much, the thought of them just sitting there after we read them was annoying.  If you want to take a gander at those click here.  I had to blur out the cards because of the copyright laws.

The kids probably love the Timeline song more than any other part about CC so having them on the wall only helps to make it more real for them.  We play the cd even when we aren’t directly focusing on school work, because it still gets in their heads.  I know this because a kid will be randomly singing it while doing their chores!

Our cards are up kind of high on the wall so I worried about that at first but really the higher ones we’ve gone through more than any of them so it should be okay.

I just used Scotch tape and rolled it to make a circle, and stuck it to the back.  I found out that sticky tack stuff gets stuck on dry wall.

Random post today I know but wanted to share in case anyone was wondering what else to do with their cards. 🙂

Meghan Weyerbacher

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