#OneWordCoffee | Rest

Deaths, friends going through a hard time, and God shining some light in a dark crevice in my heart that I hadn’t recognized.

Weeping, repenting, praying and pleading…

Now rest is needed.

Rest not just for me, but for many of those around me..is what is needed indeed.

Emotional, physical, spiritual. Rest.

To breathe deeply and know it’s all going to be okay because my God is so big and so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing He can’t do.


Lord help them, help me, help us all find rest and comfort in you in these days that don’t make sense, are slightly foggy, yet require us to take hold of your guiding hand.

For we know even in the darkest hour, a mighty work can happen.  You proved that with the death of Jesus, whom Satan thought he had defeated but it was not so.

The best cup of coffee, the hottest shower nor the best shopping trip will give the rest that you give Lord.  I receive it with open hands as I sit here propped up in my bed.  Thank you.

I invite you to be a Beloved, in the arms of Jesus, and follow along with Bonnie Gray at Faith Barista where I link up.


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