Tea & Word Wednesday | Journey

Grab a late night, sleepy-time tea and meditate on this scripture.

I find comfort in the scripture below, especially when I have let my mouth run away with ugly, hurtful things burrowed deep within me.

That has happened recently.

I cried, sobbed, repented and I think I repeated.

I know God wants us to experience the kind of sad that will turn us away from that sin, but I sometime cringe at the process.

My inner self critic screams, “When will you ever learn?

But God doesn’t scream at me.

He handles the situation firmly yet gently, always.

Yet I am so grateful we serve a God who is gentle and quick to forgive!!

He reminded me that He is with me, to the end.  That He will finish this race with me, this thing He started in me.  He reminded me that no sin is too big for Him to handle.


You will find me and other bloggers linked up with Holley Gerth tonight

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