Whiteboard Boredom Busters

School’s In Session

Now let’s play….

Sometimes in our school work we switch things up and supplement book work with whiteboard studies.  It makes things  little more fun or game-like.

There is a photo below, don’t judge me… I am laughing at my creative font equaling a blend of short-case and uppercase letters.  I was in a hurry.

My kids were hyper and I was trying to get them to focus on what mom was coming up with, but maybe I can blame this partially on my dad who wrote in uppercase and so..maybe it’s in my genes?

Okay never-mind that last one.

English Grammar

I like to incorporate things they are interested in, like Lego’s, Bey Blades, funny pictures, like when I drew a really female stick figure that looked like she had tree branches for arms…

With the photo below, we went over what each things was. Noun = person, place, thing and Verb = action words.

You could make this a game by either seeing who can guess the most (of which picture you draw goes in which section) or you could do the other way where you write out a full sentence and underline the chosen word(s) and see who can guess what part of the sentence it is.  This last one is particularly good for finding the complete subject, simple subject, complete predicate, and simple predicate.

I would say the one below is gauged more for 1st grade level, but I like to do reviews to make sure my kids remember the simple things, while adding on the challenging – so there is a constant flow of old and new being taught.  AKA repetition so it becomes natural.



This next one is pretty self explanatory too.  The kids really liked this one.


Just draw some dots or whatever in a group of any size and give them just a short amount of time to get a number in their head for guessing.  When I say short, I mean short or they will probably start secretly counting the dots…if your kids are competitive like mine.  I am not even getting into the spiritual lesson about not cheating.  Most young kids may even find themselves doing it without thinking, as they stare at the dots (amount below no more than 10 seconds for us, but you may opt for a different amount and adjust accordingly.

I put their initials down and wrote their answers. Then I wrote the actual answer and did the math so they could see it for themselves.  Anywhere you can throw that simple work in – Practice, practice, practice!

You could keep going and see who gets the best out of 10 for example.  Hope someone may find this helpful.  I know it wasn’t some profound discovery but felt it was worth sharing.



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