The Unseen Well

I turned the page, in expectant anticipation, knowing I was holding the very Words of God in my hands.  I was so thankful for these moments with Him.

Yes, He was in my everyday moments too, but these quiet, special one-one moments where I was able to seek Him in the stillness, were worth more to me than fine decor.

My Rustic Lakehouse candle aglow, laughter of kids resounding from the down the hallway, my eyes continued to scan the Word of God and then, they came to halt.



There was Sarah, Abraham’s wife. She gave birth to God’s promise who was Isaac.

Then there was Hagar, Abraham’s maid-wife.

She gave birth to a son, who came from Abraham’s seed as well. But Sarah couldn’t stand the sight of Hagar and her son anymore and told Abraham to send them away.

Abraham was sad because this was his son was well, but the Lord reassured him that He would still make a nation of the son.

Hagar and her boy were sent away with some bread and a canteen of water and wondered in the Wilderness of Beersheba. When the resource was used up, she feared her son’s death so she placed him under a shrub and went about a bow-shot away as to not watch him die this inevitable death.

“…So she sat opposite of him, and lifted her voice and wept.” Genesis 21:16

Then God heard the cry of the little boy and out of Heaven called back to Hagar and told her not to fear but to arise, because He would make the boy a great nation.

“Then God opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water. And she went and filled the skin with water, and gave the lad a drink.  So God was with the lad and he grew and dwelt in the wilderness, and became an archer.”

The story continues of course, but I was stuck right here.  A good stuck.

When we are in those moments, the ones where hopelessness try to creep in, God is not having that mindset like we humans find ourselves having sometimes.  He is still where He always was.  Things are not hopeless to Him ever because He IS everything.  He IS hope and can freely give it, give of Himself to us.

I was intrigued by the wording the author used to write the distance the mother sat away from her son, a bow-shot away. Yet he wound up becoming a great archer.

I was intrigued by the fact that His Word says God heard the lad’s cries.

And I was ever intrigued by the part where God allowed her to see a well of water she had not previously noticed.  Maybe the well was there all along and she was in such a dreary-sad fog that she didn’t notice, or maybe it really wasn’t there before – and God put it there for just a time as this.  Either way, He is caring, merciful and apparently listening to even the cries of a small child laid under a bush.

I don’t know about you, but He gives me Hope.  He is the One who never fails when I take my heart’s heaviness, thoughts and concerns to Him.  When I take my praises and ponderings to Him.  When I take even those things that seem small and insignificant to me, He does not think that way.  He invites us to bring all of this to Him.  It is what makes our relationship with Him so dear and intimate.  That He would care about every detail and not leave us alone in our journey.

Be blessed my friends, and remember God’s wells are different; they are eternal.  Look to Him as your Source.  Seeking His face daily will literally open up a well for you.  My #OneWordCoffee for today is Resource.  Because He is my Resource!

This whole story came from the book of Genesis chapter 21.  I encourage you to read it directly from the Bible and see what God speaks to you!

Meghan W.

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8 thoughts on “The Unseen Well

  1. Hi Meg,
    So nice to meet you from Bonnie’s link-up today! I love this story for all the reasons you write about, but especially because it gives us hope! Hope is something I wrestle with since I often talk myself into a worst-case scenario to avoid disappointment, but God is always where we are to give us hope. Love these words today! So grateful he cares about all the details!

    1. I have found myself doing that too at times, thinking it is the “wise” way, but reading His Word reminds me He is one to promote bravery and courage, yet will not call us to those things leaving us alone to fend for ourselves. He is the One who remains on all sides including our rear guard. I am so glad He is on those places where I can’t see! I am praying today you are flooded with His Light of Hope! Thanks for stopping by, I pray you have a blessed Wednesday, week…year!

  2. I am so glad I am your neighbor today at TellHisStory! I was blessed by your insights and reminders that God opens our eyes to see His wells – where they always were, waiting for us to see them and drink deeply of them. Blessings!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I prayed today that my words would not be in vain (which I should have known they wouldn’t be if they were God’s Words!) and he used you ladies to lift me up today. I pray you have a blessed year!

  3. Well, I’m finding today to be all about the well being as the first story I read this morning was the woman at the well…♥ How often we do miss the well springs of opportunity that only God can provide because we’re too blinded by something of our own making…. Amen girl! Thanks for sharing the truth ♥ Hopping over from Bonnie’s link up and so glad to have crossed paths with you Miss Meg! Here’s to a hopeful 2016 with God as our one and only resource.

    1. Wow, that was pretty neat how that worked out huh? He ordains some pretty awesome things. I am thankful to have crossed paths with you as well and appreciate your words of encouragement. Blessings to you!

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