Letters in the Snow

Good ‘Ole Kentucky

Ya never know if she will get bypassed by the West to East / North to South / South to North weather or not, but you pretty much expect to experience the fullness of the 4 seasons – and that is why we love her so.


For me, snow spells A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E


No really. I woke up to a blizzard and this was in the snow!  Okay, just kidding.

But what do home schooling folk like us do sometimes when the public are out of school?


We feed birds!

I called it a science experiment because I wanted to see if they would come fly down and eat, even though it was snowing.  I don’t know if Kentucky birds are spoiled but they must have waiting until the snow stopped to feast, because even after we went inside, we saw no birds dive for the tasty meal.


Toddler a’ traipsing.


Packing a snowball.


Boy-kid plowing through. Neighbor kids too.


Near. Far. I love perspective shots. They both tell a story.


Where oh where could those snow bunnies be?

(to my left, building an igloo)


I love Evergreens.  Can I please just move to a woodsy, mountainous area now?  It can even have some snow, as long as I have a fireplace with a big window?  But if not, that’s okay!  God owns cattle on a thousand hills.  My forever home is awaiting.


Not sure what is growing over there but it sure made for a neat photo.  Nature is a gift.


They will bloom again. In due season.


Before I go inside, admiring this translucent dagger.


And playing in the fire pit (that I left out – oops).

I wish I had a better camera, but they are not bad considering I took them with my Android phone.

Have a blessed weekend world!


3 thoughts on “Letters in the Snow

    1. Wow that’s a lot! My husband was just over there (he’s a truck driver so He is typically in multiple states in 1 day). We got about 3 inches on a Monday and about another 5 or 6 I think that Friday. This post is from the Friday, but now everything is melted here already!

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