How A Girl I Know Dealt With Doubt

When she doubted it all, rivers gushed from those big blue eyes as she ran to the Lord…



The person in this story: Me (Meghan) (and anyone who can relate)

The Problem: Doubt // Second-Guessing // Questioning (too much)

The Answer & Application: Getting on my knees // Prayer & Supplication

The Setting: Mountains of doubt with a path right through them

**visit again soon for more on supplication**




Satan’s plan was to have her doubt the beauty around her, to doubt all the great things in her life; to second-guess herself when she took that last turn, or the one before, or the one before.

He knew if he kept her preoccupied with the questions that ran rampant in her head, that worry itself would be enough distraction to weigh her down and keep her from having the positive impact on others he knew she had the potential to have.

If she was constantly wondering if she made the right decision, he could probably keep her isolated and quiet for a while longer.

**Or so he thought.  Because what he still didn’t want to admit was that The Guide was watching his every move and was already steps ahead of him, always protecting and caring for her.**

She should have known what was going on. She saw the warning signs.

Not signs that warned of being on the wrong path, but signs that warned the enemy was near; trying to rustle up fear amongst the leaves at the edge of the road she was on.

He was trying to stir up trouble for her because he knew she wasn’t dormant anymore.

As she felt her heart beat start to throb, faster and faster…

…the quiet, gentle voice of her Guide was heard.

It was faint at first.

Had she wandered off His path?

She didn’t think so, but she did know one thing:  He would save her. He always did.

With the skies so bright and blue, the vintage colored canvas of the heavenly forest all around her, the warm but firm road beneath her feet, she dropped to her knees right there where she was.

The Guide never failed to step in on her behalf.  He knew she was still learning who she was, how powerful she really was – because He had actually put His power inside of her.

But He was patient and kind.  All the things the enemy was not.  And so, whatever it took – the Guide always did what was best for her, so she could grow strong and courageous.

He knew these things took time. He had planted a seed in her and was faithfully watering it daily.  He knew Satan wouldn’t stop trying to get to her, but this doubt he was trying to scare her with wasn’t a new thing.

With His glorious majesty, all His gentle might – He took care of that enemy.

The Word’s of the Guide made him to flee.

She raised her head and squinted towards the sky.  He had done it again.  Saving her with His Truth.

He spoke gently and reminded her that enemy could not touch her soul.  That there was no need to fear as long as she kept her eyes on Him, the Guide.


The story above describes a recent battle & daily victory- it did not really take place at the foot of the mountains surrounded by autumn-like trees. It actually took place at home and in her head/heart.  This particular victory is being won daily on her knees by her bedside.  When she sought comfort and direction in the Word, The Lord led her right to Psalm 66:8-9. The Guide is ever real.  His name Abba Father //  Jesus Christ // Holy Spirit.


Have you ever been taunted with doubt or fear?

If so, you are not alone.

I have learned that being a Christian doesn’t make us exempt from these things in this life – but we have an advocate above who will help us everyday! (see 1 John 2)

If you would like prayer, please let me know and I would be happy to.

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-M.E.Weyerbacher //

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9 thoughts on “How A Girl I Know Dealt With Doubt

  1. Chills girlfriend…. this could be my story today too…Gosh ever since I pushed publish this morning doubt has been steadily creeping up and attacking. Many heartfelt prayers have been going up. Wish I had read your words sooner! ♥ What a lovely verse to remind us of a lovelier Savior. Standing firm with you rooted in HIS path today. xo

    1. I am glad it touched you, Heather. Even as I was about to push publish, the doubt tried to creep back up! Then I realized later that I had forgot to put verse 9 on all the graphics. It is 2 verses actually lol. So yeah right away I had to flick that negative “haha look what you did in front of everyone” feeling that I tend to experience. These scriptures I just memorized right away because I knew I would need to hold on to those words of Truth. I get overwhelmed too easily and it was God’s way of reminding me He didn’t fall of His throne because of ________. He is good and will never fail us!!

      1. Oh how familiar I am with that feeling too! Amen girl- God is God and He is sovereign. The End. But how easily we forget… It takes a village sometimes. Thanks for being in mine. ♥♥ xo

  2. Thank you for sharing this post! I know only too well the limitations that doubt can create. I think the enemy is particularly good at sowing seeds of doubt in writers and other creative individuals. He can slow us down and sidetrack us so easily. Thankfully God is good at thought rescue. Jesus is more reliable than the best roadside assistance program, since He comes faithfully along for each ride and is right by our side to get us moving in the right direction again. Thank you for the encouragement!

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