Be The Answer To Someone’s Prayer

I was praying mostly, as I went to and fro in the house.  Laundry, bags, and disinfectant would be teaming up with me for the next day or so.

I hate to see any of my kids ill and it’s like the desire to do other things vanishes as I sit on my knees near her beside, just looking at her – whispering more prayers to Jesus.


We were out of medicine, wipes and a few other things.  I had planned on picking them up at the store tomorrow but now that my hot, pale and weak three year old was getting sick everywhere on her bed, I just put the thought of errands out of my head.

I cleaned her all up and  remade her bed. Repeat x3.

I posted to my social media for people to pray for her as well.  No sooner had I shared, a sister in Christ was calling me and asked if I needed anything because they were actually coming back from a concert. (By this time it was roughly midnight)




I found myself saying out loud, “God you are taking care of me!”      – Click To Tweet


Some of you may know, that my husband is a truck driver so he is away more than he is home.  It makes things like: a quick run to the store, without kids – or any other task, a little more complicated than if he were here.


She kindly told me to text her a list of everything I needed.

She humbly showed up at my house around 12:20AM with Ginger Ale, meds and wipes.

We talked for a bit, more I than her for my lack of adult conversation lately I suppose.

It’s funny when I haven’t been out of the house for a week, how I take on the characteristics of a shaken up Dr.Pepper.  In a good way.  If you can imagine that.

We had just said our goodbyes and hugged,  I closed the door and took a deep breath in.  My Lord had done it again. 


God cares for us each day, but frequently bestows a unique tenderness in times of helplessness.                                                                                        –Click To Tweet


I turned to put the much needed items away when I heard her cries from down the hall.  The baby wipes were here just in time.


I shared this because it is just another example of God taking care of us.  Right on time.

He has done this throughout our lives and marriage, but now I am more faithfully recording His mighty acts.  I want to remember them – in case my brain ever decides it’s going to try and forget.


I wrote most of this around 2am, because my baby girl was up and down a lot.  As I finish this, she is back to sleep and in mommy’s spot.  I am beside her, chair pulled up close.  I love watching her sleep soundly.

Lord you are so good, so faithful – even when we fall so short.  You provided late last night when I wasn’t even expecting anything, at least right then. I knew you would take care of us, but you always seem to surprise me.  Thank you for sending someone to show your love and concern for us.  I pray you bless them. I pray that you give me more love, obedience and creativity to go a step further and be the hands and feet of Jesus.



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2 thoughts on “Be The Answer To Someone’s Prayer

  1. Really like this post. Many times I think I am randomly reaching out to someone with what I perceive is trivial. But as you wrote here, my action could be a specific answer to prayer for that person.

    1. It can literally breathe hope and life into a situation, not dependant on the size of the “thing” but because we see someone actually cares! Keep reaching out!!!! Thanks for stopping by, Lisa!

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