Hands-On Learning

When sitting at the table (or desk, or bed) gets old, when finding ourselves getting  bored with book-work, when we need more fun in our lives…..

…..we like to throw hands-on learning in there!


No pretty, edited photos today, sorry.

But this is what our manual Monday looked like, and a dash of snow to boot!  Below is a mixture of CC Cycle 1 week 13 & week 16 projects as well as our own.  I did not post any photos of them doing their book work.  This post is focusing on the hands-on approach which is extremely helpful for children who have a hard time sitting still and need interaction.

Not that I am an expert by any means, but I do have a few tips for schooling multiple kids that seem extra bouncy. I will be posting on this soon so check back 🙂


English/Word Building


Paper – Marker – Scissors (decorate & count for art too!)

Here we worked on “OO”  “ENT” “INT” words.



I am blessed that my 4 year old is very interested in books, learning and doing what big bubby and sissy are doing!  So, I am throwing in some CC work for her too here and there.

Out of everything CC, my kids remember the Timeline song and the Preposition song the most.  We like the print-outs for copy work because they need handwriting practice anyways!  Sometimes I write the facts/sentences/words and they copy them straight into their notebooks. Switching things up, I have found, helps to prevent burnout in my kids.  They like surprises as much as they like routine.

Science/Volcanoes/Cut N’ Paste

I didn’t post the photo of the this because I downloaded it from CC Connected and wasn’t sure about the copyright. If you are a member of it and are interested it’s found under Cycle 1 Week 16.

I think, “Big deal.”   They think, “Wooohooo, cut and paste time, yeah!!!”  So on that note, I have been trying to incorporate this in one subject per day.  My four year old loves this too and it is good for practicing motor skills.  Today was volcanoes so I also had them watch Season 2 Episode 1 of Magic School Bus.

Order & Sequence/ Comprehension


Here I took a comic strip from the Sunday paper and cut it up and she put it back in the right order.  She wanted to make a card for a lady we know so she actually glued them onto her card in the right order.  Nothing fancy, but different and free!



One thing I want to instill in my kids is the love of blessing others.  When I wrote our memory verse on the white board, we went a step further and wrote it down.  This led to picture making, which led to my daughter exclaiming that we should give it to Miss L, we’ll call her, who lives in a semi-local nursing home.

Science/Ordering: The Layers of the Earth


I typically use CC Connected for things like this but for whatever reason, my printer was acting up when trying to print right then, so I just went on my favorite photo editing website, PicMonkey, and I made my own “cut and sort” page.  This is from Cycle 1 week 13. If you like this document you can use it by clicking below.


Thanks for stopping by.  Hope someone may benefit!


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