The Beauty of Remembrance


Tantalizing colors seize my heart through the window of my eye.

What tangible, vivid blessings colors are.

The brightness of these photos suck me in and take me back to last Saturday when we experienced a day of Spring-like weather.

We set out watercolors on the deck’s table and simply enjoyed each others company while brush-stroking the thick, white paper as the wind whipped past our ears.

I am glad I captured this moment.  We have been battling a stomach bug for days in our home.  Today we are on the up and up praise God, and these photos reminded me how alive we felt right before we all got sick.  And that life will feel alive again, very soon.  I am thankful God gives us good times and His promises to carry us through the harder ones. It reminds me of how a man named David felt too, according to Psalm 77.

David was going through some tough times of his own, at one point even too distressed to pray, he admitted.

{see verse 4}

“I keep thinking of the good old days of the past, long since ended.  Then my nights were filled with joyous songs. I search my soul and meditate upon the difference now.”

{verses 5 & 6}


Something happened in between those first verses of 77 and the latter ones.

David remembered.

He remembered who God had proven to be in the past and still was.

“O God your ways are holy.” – verse 13

He remembered all the times God carried His people.

Good times & bad.

Really. Read 77!


So here I am.

-Finding beauty in the everyday moments-

-In the midst of fevers, body aches, unmopped floors, and other not so good things-

Yes – this is what I have been doing, and need to keep doing.


The Beauty of Remembrance

I shall intentionally remind myself of the beauty that is all around…the beauty that was there on that Saturday is still being offered today.  No matter my feeling.

I just may get the opportunity to discover a new way of experiencing it.

Be richly blessed in Christ today, and may your tomorrow be filled with Him too~


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8 thoughts on “The Beauty of Remembrance

  1. Remembering is a spiritual discipline. This is one reason I love the practice of journaling. It is a marker of the moments—big and small—when I saw the hand of God at work in my life. The bright photos really make this post pop 🙂 Thank you for your encouraging words!

  2. Love this! I too am working to practice finding beauty in the everyday moments. Sometimes they are harder to find than others. But I’m finding when I stop and look for them, they are all around me and God surely is speaking to my heart through those small moments of living!

    1. It is so true, and I agree with what you said about it usually being the smaller moments that can speak so profoundly. I am finding more and more that God’s way of thinking and working is backwards from what “we” think. So glad He is patient with us – He knew it would take the whole journey for us to develop the mind of Christ as we live as dual citizens of Earth & Heaven! God bless you and I pray you are blessed with many more moments where God’s truth bursts through and fills you up!

  3. YES remembering the good–remembering God- the promise at the end of every storm. I have to say I have been convicted this week when I realized how much I was dwelling on the past– the accusations against myself, the journal entries detailing fights and bad feelings because writing has apparently always been my therapy. I saw a pattern of things I felt I just couldn’t break. Light bulb moment indeed when the lord reached down and snapped me to attention asking how much could he heal if I would just commit to remembering HIM?? Belatedly finding your post today is more fuel for the fire where I shall abandon all those old journal entries. Here’s to the promise of better days (hope all are finally well in your home!) and a bigger God! ♥

  4. Oh dear, my heart goes out to you—a sickly family is not fun! But you are absolutely right, we can’t appreciate the beauty unless we have something “less beautiful” (you can fill in your sick-y blank right there!) to compare it to. God is always faithful, and gives us glimpses of glory right when we need them, right? Thanks for this. Stopping by from Fresh Market Friday—and I really hope you and yours are feeling 100% very soon… blessings!

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