From Trials to Triumph


As I stare at the computer screen and its blinking cursor, dawn’s daylight breaking through over my shoulder, I feel butterflies in my stomach.

So many things have happened over the past month that are almost like a dream come true, and I still feel like I am dreaming and haven’t really woke up yet.

I look over to my right where my son is sleeping soundly.  He is sleeping in dad’s spot while he is gone since we have yet to get him a new bed.  Still shopping, but simultaneously trying to hold off so we have less furniture to move.

We have been going through a military program that helps you to make good choices to help your credit get where it needs to be, to prepare you for home buying with their VA Home Loan.  This has been about six months or longer, though we’ve wanted to do it for years, it was not in the works for us.

But now doors are opening.  Praise the Lord. We received word that we are pre-approved!

As we get rid of unneeded things, preparing for a smoother transition, our living room is mostly empty and quite echoey.  The kids love it.

Now our girls perform gymnastics moves across the wooden floor, even going as far as dragging their purple shag rug in there which has now become their imaginative mat slash balance beam.

I think it’s great that they play.  When kids play, my soul leaps for joy. 

I too, have wanted to play more and stress less, so the past handful of months we have made decisions that point us more in the direction we feel God leading us.

For me, this is to support Matt in his job and what he feels like he needs to be doing right now, and for Him it is growing closer to the Lord while he is doing that.



This means while he is gone a lot, I need to have my head on extra straight since I have more duties on my plate.

This means I can not expect myself to do all the things I previously thought I was supposed to be doing – all the time.

No matter how good or spiritual they were.


I think Solomon made that clear when he said, “Hey, chick, there’s a season for that, a season for that other thing, and even a season for that other other thing, but you can’t do it all in one season. Just sayin!‘”



As we let go of what we can’t control and use God’s wisdom for what we can, we are experiencing growth.  Like actual, spiritual growth and joy and peace!


{Reflections of 2015}

With how our year was last year, I never would have thought we’d be where we are today, just inching into March.

But when you are in the thick of a battle and just surviving, it is difficult to think beyond the moment you are in.

Last year I said yes to too many things {though they were all good things}.

Last year had trials like job loss, confusion, loneliness, broken bones and broken hearts – that once again, proved of God’s care and providence for us.

It’s like the fiery darts of the evil one only added extra layers and badges onto the shield of faith that I gripped tightly.

No matter how cringing the hardships were, right down to the 2 weeks we only spent a grand total of $8.00 due to financial lack, I give Him all the glory for being faithful and having grace on us while the storm whipped about. And in Him, we lacked nothing.

I warmly welcome newness and life in this year of 2016.



Where is God pointing us?


Less distractions from Apps & notifications and guilt from the lie that says I failed because I can’t be everywhere and help every single person on Earth.

Yes this was a thing in my head. Don’t laugh. Okay, okay, you can crack a grin or give an Amen. And PS: I am currently blogging about this personal struggle, and will make it public one day.

Saying No.jpg

I have cut back from social media. I now say no to the little voice that flies around my head saying, “You need to answer your phone right now, you need to reply, reply….

I have actually been just turning the thing off.  It isn’t hard considering it’s always dying anyways.  Now you can laugh.

It has helped my focus all around and I am better able to pour into my kids fully, be in the moment with whatever I am doing or where ever we are going. It could be as simple as boiling potatoes and not feeling like I have to grab my phone in between the salting and the peppering.  You can laugh harder now. Que, and GO.

It makes the days longer too! No joke.  I feel almost like a kid again in that respect.

Remember when the days seemed to go on forever the younger we were? I know it isn’t really longer now, sheesh.  But if it feels like it – sure – I’ll take that!


saying yes.jpg

My prayers for self control are being answered!  I guess this falls under the “saying no” category too…

This morning as my little four year old girl peeked at me through the crack of the door, I stopped what I was doing and let her climb on me.

Her love language is titled The Cuddles Addict.

This yes-of-a-surrender to my toddler may seem small or even silly to some, but if you knew me  before you might understand just what a feat this is, for me to set aside my agenda and goals {as Godly as they seem with my Bible, laptop and pens all sprawled out}.

No matter how lovely the thing is I am doing, all my toddler is going to see is me not looking up at her~

~so I stopped.  I looked at her and grinned.

And guess what she said as she cuddled with her head pressed into my gut?

She said, “I love you, mommy. You are the best mommy.  When you pet me you make me feel nice.

Who knew that just being available, and stroking a Cuddle Addict’s back would cause both to be filled up with joy and peace?

And this is just one story, one moment, of the recent weeks and months of our journey seeking Newness & Life.


God Winks, Encourages & Reminds…


The Lord has a sense of humor and gently guides us along, seriously.  About a month or two after our endeavors to make more wise and fulfilling decisions for our family (more blog posts on this later), so that we will actually be filled and able to pour into others instead of living in survival mode, I ran across a podcast devotional by Focus on the Family.

It was titled Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford.

I listened to this, drinking in her story like fresh lemonade on a hot, summer day.

It was inspiring and real.  I also felt like listening to it was a nudge in the right direction, a sort of pat on the back or keep going, from the Lord.


And now was the perfect time. Matt had his two days at home and was back on the road, but for longer this time.  We made reservations to stay in a tree-house, yes an actual 2 bedroom tree-house, about 3 hours away.  This was going to be our first family vacation, all five us, just the five of us – planned by us. Laugh out loud at that, but it’s all true.

It was back to being Mr & Mrs and doing what the Lord has before me right now, and here is this Mrs. Rachel Macy Stafford telling me exactly what I have been feeling in my Holy Spirit gut for a long, long time.


I haven’t actually gotten to read much of her blog yet, but I wanted to refer you to check out her stuff.  She was even more of a control freak than me, haha, typing out her 2 page to-do list each day. Though her story is her own,  it speaks to many of us in this generation.

I just think it is a good message and testimony of what listening to God can really do for us in our lives, which then trickles down to our family and through us, making our lives full and fulfilled – living testimonies of God’s goodness!

Here is her blog page, Hands Free Mama.



Whew. A long post today, I know. Even a bit all over the place. I tried to take some out, put other stuff in, rearrange it to death~ but I decided if I kept on, I wouldn’t post it.  i wouldn’t share. So there it is.  Some of it anyways. And I am so glad to have shared the good news with you,my friend.

But I hope, I pray you were blessed.  Somehow, I pray the words reached across the screen into your heart and that you felt God hug you through them.  If you have had trials after trials, I hope you can read this and see Hope in your own situation.  God always comes through, just keep hanging on. Try to wake up finding the good, no matter how rough the circumstance.  If you make this a habit, it will effect your life in a very great way.

Drink in everything God has to offer, and go – see the difference it makes in your attitude – your perspective – which is your life.




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11 thoughts on “From Trials to Triumph

  1. Hi Meg,
    I loved learning more about you from the lovely little glimpse I’ve gotten of you in our study! I am in awe of your diligence to keep your family going strong while trying to discover God’s next place for you. I can only imagine how you juggle your priorities with energy, courage and a sense of humor! Cheering you on . . . xoxo

    1. Valerie, your words almost made me cry. Because sometimes it doesn’t feel like I am doing such a good job at it~ the encouraging words mean so much. I am hoping to reconnect with everyone soon on last weeks chapter of Seamless. Here lately it seems social media falls to last place in all the juggling haha… ~Have a very blessed week!!

  2. Hello! I am here visiting from Faith Barista.
    Bless you for your sharing of your journey and what God is teaching you. It resonates very much with all I am experiencing as well. Trying to slow down, focus on what is most important and learning to say no and yes to be where he wants and be enabled to care for my family. Yes. Amen. Beautifully expressed. Thank you.
    God bless you,

  3. Ahh Meg… ♥♥♥. YES. I read a post last week that falls in line with your thoughts- the gist of it being that “Now is not the only season” when you feel you have lots of desires and little time.— everything has a time and a place. And I’m guilty of many a cooking fail by adding in too much distraction… ahem… social media! Laughing right along with you! So bolstered by your happy spirit in seeing God doing a mighty thing in your life!! Embracing the truth with you and slowing down to drink in this aptly timed encouragement from your heart to mine as well ♥ Keep on keeping on girl! And we need to hear more about this tree house!?!? Sounds awesome!

    1. I chuckled as I read this – I needed that! And yes, tree house to come! Maybe I can even post some pics from our trip after we go. It will definitely be a new experience – being a bird – haha!

  4. Meg, I just love this. I love the balance I see here in so many areas of your life …. family, finances, social. I’m not sure you even realize what a big deal it is! Blessings to you and your family!

    1. Oh my, no I guess I didn’t. Sometimes I fear I write about too much at once, but something I have been trying to do is be me. I found myself shrinking back from sharing things when I would read others blogs and how organized they were. I felt my life wasn’t and wasn’t any better on screen! But I knew if I didn’t share now, I may end up keeping everything back as drafts, and how could that help others in God’s Kingdom? So that is where I am…and I appreciate your kind words so much. I mean it!!! I was excited to get your email and will be checking it out further. If anyone needs help, it’s me LOL!

  5. Oh mama, I’m totally going to quote your Solomon interpretation of “Hey, chick, there’s a season for that, a season for that other thing, and even a season for that other other thing, but you can’t do it all in one season. Just sayin.” Isn’t it so true! I was just telling a friend the other day that if I throw up one more spinning plate, they’re all going to fall and I’m going to fall along with them. I love Hands Free Mama by the way. Thanks for being real and sharing what we all go through. I love how even when your circumstances don’t align the way you want, you are still claiming God is Good. It’s something I’m still growing in!

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