When You Don’t Know Which Door To Walk Through


This house hunting business is about to drive me batty.  Pictures Scooby and the Gang as they duck from bats flapping about overhead.

No, really.  It is a roller coaster of emotions.

One minute I am excited and like, “Yeah man, totally diggin’ this,” then the next I feel and probably look like a wide-eyed frozen statue.  Statue from surfing the internet browsing properties.  This surfing doesn’t come with an ocean though so it isn’t as relaxing. My back is screaming at me.

So finally when I listen to my screaming back, I walk away to fold laundry while sitting on the gamer chair.  But the house hunting follows me.  It is stalking me man.

Fold, fold, help a kid.

Fold, fold, think about houses.

Pray. Fold. Fold while praying.

Get onto a kid, fold some more while houses dance in my head.


A lot of this seems extreme and is extreme to me, because Matt’s hands-free ear thingy died yesterday, so I am not able to talk to him hardly at all about important things.  Important things that go along with shopping for a house.

Fold, rock, rock fold…

 “I’m not feeling too good. I need to listen to something uplifting.

With kids running around, home work still left to do – I chose the road I usually travel when my brain starts to fizzle out: The God Road. The Road of Wisdom, I call it.

I stopped thinking about houses.  I let the kids run around and play.  I kept folding that monstrous mountain of laundry and I did it. 

I boldly went where I had gone before.

I went to the throne room of the Lord of my heart.

You don’t have to Tweet that.


I did. I love that our God isn’t too big to hang out with a mom who is doing her thing at home. He showed right up to be with me y’all!

I clicked my little Daily Bible App on my phone, it is my favorite App ever.  It has my favorite speakers on it and I can listen to podcasts for free.

I clicked Focus on the Family because at that moment I felt I should.  My eyes went straight to a newer series titled, “Walking Through Open Doors.

I knew it was going to be good. I could feel it in my bones. And I am 30 y’all.

Giggle, snort, snicker.

There was something that Pastor John Ortberg said that made me stop and Facebookit.

It was, “God’s will for your life isn’t all about the situation(s) you are in, in life…but He cares who you b e c o m e.

He said, “It isn’t like His will for you, what job he wants you to have, where He wants you to move is at a point on some linear line. God’s will for you is more like a sphere. And as long as we are in that sphere, doing what we love as it glorifies Him, then He is cheering us on.

You mean, it doesn’t matter where we move? Which house?

Well, yeah – it matters to an extent and He does care about he details of our lives.

But I think what I felt today from the Holy Spirit is that, as long as we are taking it to Him in prayer, keeping our hearts open to open doors of opportunity, and choose a home that glorifies Him, then it is okay with Him.

John Ortberg talked even more about being an “Open-Door-Kind-of-Person,” and how “Uncertainty is a great tool for growth,” but I won’t get into that right now, as awesome and Gospel-filled it was! For more, check out the links below.

Choices, House Business…

How can we know it glorifies Him?

I can ask myself a couple questions regarding our house-hunting ordeal:

  • Will moving to this house allow us to still love and help people and be a part of the Body of Christ in the way we know we are called to?
  • Will moving to this house glorify God in our finances?
  • Will moving to this house be a result of Matt and I being in unity and at peace about it or will it be from one pushing to have their own way?


Breathe in, breathe out.

That wasn’t so hard!  It was quite simple actually if I answered the above questions honestly and collectively with my hubby.

Now I have a clear conscience!

The Bible is really cool and covers pretty much every area you could think of, and an area that God led me to this week in His Word gave verses about keeping the conscience clear.

  • Keeping it clear so we can come boldly into that place I was telling you before! 
  • Keeping it clear so we can serve Him without guilt hanging about in the back of our minds!
  • Keeping it clear so we can live with joy and gratefulness right where we are!
  • Keeping it clear so we can focus on what’s in front of us instead of what’s behind us!


Fold, fold, put away.

No more thinking about the closed doors, the offers we never even got to make…

My mind’s more at peace now, thinking less about houses for the moment and more about how God is still on the throne.

He knows what tomorrow holds and I know Who holds tomorrow.



To listen to the podcast I mentioned above click below:

Focus on the Family // Walking Through Life’s Open Doors Part 1: https://www.focusonthefamily.com/media/daily-broadcast/walking-through-lifes-open-doors-pt1

Focus on the Family // Walking Through Life’s Open Doors Part 2:




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6 thoughts on “When You Don’t Know Which Door To Walk Through

  1. Thank you, Meghan. I’m your neighbor at Bonnie’s. 🙂 House hunting can be a stress-inducing job, and I love that you question yourself as to what would glorify God. And I totally love how God is never too big to hang out with us wherever we’re at.

  2. Meg,
    I just love your writing style {and I forgot to tell you in my comment on your last post that I loved the photo of all the sewing items!}. House hunting can drain you and make you so uncertain, dizzy and downright discouraged. I love how you said God is always ready to hear anything that’s on our hearts — no matter what we bring to him!

    1. You are so sweet thank you, Valerie! I take some of the photos but here lately my camera on my phone has been acting up and I found out about deathtostockphotos.com so that’s where these one came from. The $15 monthly unlimited account is well worth it in my opinion! Yes through this house shopping process He is refining me. It hurts though lol!!

  3. This is great Meghan. I know the stress of house hunting well – that was our family last summer. Somehow, you just ‘know’. Listen to His Spirit. And, I have got to say…God is AMAZING! The house we bought is so close to the church we decided to attend – the church family that has brought much healing into the hearts of this little family. God knows. He has a plan. Just like that first point you made “Will moving to this house allow us to still love and help people and be a part of the Body of Christ in the way we know we are called to?”.
    I’ll be back here many times to see what you’ve been up to…and to find out the progress of your house hunting! I’m praying you find the home God has planned for you to have!
    Thanks for linking up with Grace and Truth.

    1. Oh thank you so much for your encouraging words!!! I love how God has a unique and purposeful story for each of us, no one is an accident and He is bigger even than all our failures or the wrong turns we may have taken (if we walked through the wrong door etc). I am so glad you stopped by and appreciate your support really!!

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