Bursting Blooms of Mercy


I take a deep breath in and feel the mercy a new day brings.

As I drive back from dropping my preschooler off, I notice how large and bountiful the bright blooms and buds are on the trees as I drive home.

I want to see the good in the land.

I want to notice the beautiful gifts God has given us all around – even when life sometimes serves up distractions or undesired circumstances – even when there’s so much hurt in the world, I want to see Hope there.

I believe most of us do.

We shall find Hope there if we seek Him.


I take extra notice of the fragrant bouquet that my friend brought me after my uncle passed away last week.

Moving the thermos I turned into a vase, I set it carefully next to the window.

I snap a couple photos to capture the memories and the thoughtfulness she carried out.



I’ll leave them right here.

The light shining behind the flowers gives them a glow and rather extenuates their beauty.

The Light.

He is so lovely and true.

Today I will focus on His faithfulness and goodness instead of listening to the other voice that wants me to doubt myself.

The other voice that whispers, “You went too far yesterday by letting others in on your past personal battle.



I take a deep breath in and feel the mercy a new day brings.

Other voice,…you lose.

The Light who lives within me is brighter than you.





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11 thoughts on “Bursting Blooms of Mercy

  1. I love how when a wonky thought enters your heart, you stop and allow the graciousness of Christ to blow His peace through and in and exhale the wonkiness. I think if we all did this more, others would find the truth of His peace so inviting. Thank you for this post. blessings next to you at jennifer’s. (:

  2. Meg,
    I’ve felt that way, too, that I’ve overshared and felt remorse that I let too much of myself be known! But sometimes true vulnerability is only possible when we open our hearts just a tiny crack more! 🙂 Hoping you are finding comfort during this difficult time and I hope God’s love and hope surrounds you as we celebrate Easter. Praying for you, friend! xo

  3. Hello from a fellow Compel Sister! I love your poetic words Meg! I can also relate to the random thoughts of “feeling like I’ve blown it”. I love how you shut them down with the Truth. Visiting from #TellHisStory.

  4. Breathe in the good thoughts and exhale the bad!! Seems we were on the same sort of wavelength today girl! So sorry for the loss of your Uncle. Keep reaching for the light! ♥ We are with you!! : )

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