Experiencing A Twilight Tableau

It was still dark, and I knew it must have been really early because my alarm had not yet went off, beckoning me to awaken my bones to a new day.

I rolled over and squinted at the alarm clock to try and make the bright, fuzzy red puffs come together to form numbers.

Oh my.

Not even 4.

Why am I not tired and feel like my body wants to get up already?

So exciting.

You know that feeling you get on Christmas morning before all the doings and making memories begin?

Yes. This is how I feel when I actually get up way early – before the little ones even start rolling back and forth in their waking-up-mode.


I grab my Seamless book, a wonderfully and humorously written study guide by Angie Smith: the  Bible is a love letter to us.

Giddy with delight, my hot coffee by my side, the sound of light snores coming from down the hall – in this moment I am in awe -I feel God saying Good Morning, Meghan, my lovely daughter…care to join me before the sun comes up?

I get to a stopping point in my book and go into the kitchen for a java refill – oh almost…my little 5 cup pot is sufficient but in my desire of not wanting to create waste, I only fill it to about the 2 or 3 line.

Just so happened, today I wanted more.

I stir my mixin’s in and head back to the living room that looks more like I am moving in rather than having lived here for a year.

As I browsed and read my fellow bloggers encouraging pieces, I felt God hugging me again.

I love how He uses my love language to love on me in those unique ways.

Lover of words I am.  And these ladies sure know how to hone their skill.

I am in awe of how He brings complete strangers together and causes them to feel like family almost immediately.

I skip on over to another blog, because, Hey – I got time!

Words Come Alive

Words dressed up in lace, distressed with pearls to boot, copper words shining through the burlap ornaments tied around the edges and flowers on a hat sitting next to them.

Words running down my throat like smooth medicine. It’s like drinking in sunshine and purified waters.

Words lingering in my heart long past after being read – like when climbing up a steep mountain and capturing the scenery for just a while longer. Snapshots of life for life.

Gratitude & Grandeur

I am thankful this early morn, to all you writers and readers who pour out Life with your words.  What a ministry.

God. You are the best Author of all. And You are the Word.

Captured Moments

Photos from this morn.






With Love,


PS, linking up with Grace & Truth this Twilighted Thursday

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