God Longs For Us To Long For Him

Welcome to Tea & Word Tuesday

Pour yourself a piping hot cup of (insert flavor here) tea and nibble on today’s scripture.

Today I wanted to share my favorite scripture with you.  My crafty friend created something beautiful for me last year and I treasure it so much. It is actually right by our front door, above the coat racks.


This verse in context is talking about Israel’s sin and the need for them to turn from it and toward God.  The lord basically said as soon as things get really bad, then the people tend to realize their need for Him and declare (verses 1-3) it.


Though Israel did not realize the depth of their sin and assumed their punishment would only last a short while, their consequences were actually worse but didn’t come right away.

It was exile from their country about 20 years later.

As depressing as this sounds, it is true.  Me, being a lover of good endings and forgiveness (no wonder I loved the original Full House series) I would rather flip to chapter 14 where the topics of repentance and restoration are highlighted.

The in between is vital though because it shows us how being stubborn and following our own way and not God’s can lead to serious consequences.

Yet, His love never failed and He longed for relationship with them the whole time.

Let’s not take the gift of relationship with our Lord for granted. I am thankful the stories of old are recorded for us in His Word so we can learn from them.

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Thank you for joining me here for some tea and Word today.  Have any of these scriptures spoke to you recently? Feel free to share ~ we are sisters in Christ here!





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