The Girl Who Wanted to Fix Everything


She’s  a fixer.  She likes to fix things.  Maybe that’s why she relishes the show Fixer Upper.

Problem? You called the right girl.

You really should put her on your speed dial.

She gets to work at praying, researching, pricing, shopping….

You get the idea.

But she has a harder time sitting and waiting.

Waiting for an answer when the solution she had in mind wasn’t the right one.

Or waiting when she’s done all she could do, and now the rest is up to the Lord.

Sometimes it feels as though it’s easier for her to trust God to move for another person in their situation than trusting God to move in her own.

It is through that trusting in the the trial, that waiting while trusting, that she is stretched and grows.

And even when it doesn’t feel like she is trusting, she knows that God is bigger than her heart, her feelings and her failures.

Dwelling on what God can do and not what she can do on her own, will take her faith to new heights – because with God all things are possible.


She isn’t taking this verse out of context as some have accused believers of doing, but she can’t help but think this verse is true regardless of the text around it – for when she looks up at the stars in the sky and sees all that her Creator made by speaking them into existence, she stands firm on the Truth that with God, all things really are possible.

When her mind takes her to these new heights, these out-of-this-world heights and her mind is seated in the Heavenly realms with her Abba Father, her mind is no longer dwelling on the problem, but is filled with much Hope.

And that Hope makes her faith grow more.

And more faith causes her to Hope for what man deems impossible.

It is a circle of Life given to us by the Lamb King. Jesus.

New Beginnings, New Sights

When she see’s a problem now, she see’s it as an opportunity.

An opportunity for Hope.

When things don’t go her way now, she see’s it as an opportunity.

An opportunity for growth.

It isn’t always easy, actually it usually never is.

The Bible is full of real people who overcame evil and hopelessness when the odds were stacked against them.  It’s just that you can’t always tell by looking at the outside.  It’s what was going on in their hearts.

And this heart? Well, you probably guessed it – the she is me.  Like Laffy Taffy I lay, being stretched out and shaped for His purposes. And that’s okay with me.  When you look at life through the lense of eternity, your view really does change.

My #OneWordCoffee for today is Trust. Again. (because I’m pretty sure I have used this one before as it seems trusting isn’t always the rational thing your brain wants to do…)

As we come into a new season literally and spiritually, having just got our offer on a house accepted (yay and praise God right?!? post coming soon…) there was a period before that was exceedingly nerve-racking and required me to have to hush my mind and rest in knowing that God had everything under control.

I am not just talking about waiting on the seller’s to agree or not.  I am talking, coming to terms with being joyful and content even if we never moved or weren’t able to buy after renting for this past 7 years.

It seems lessons in trust never go out of style eh?


Lord, help us to trust you and believe for the impossible to be done in our hearts. For those scarred areas to make a difference, for those hurt areas to be healed, and for those hard areas to be softened.  We come before you, knowing You know us better than we know ourselves, and so we want to feel free before You to be real, be ourselves and let you expose those areas that need growth so that we can continue being perfected while we await our coming Savior’s return.

Thanks for joining me today! I am also linking up with other sister’s in Christ. Go check out what God put on their hearts by clicking below:

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8 thoughts on “The Girl Who Wanted to Fix Everything

  1. Hi Meg,
    I’m so excited your offer was accepted! And what lovely thoughts you pen here on our hope, our journeys and what’s yet in store for us in a future we can only imagine. I can so relate that we feel as if God has let us down when our expectations are different from our realties. What faith and trust it takes to continue to hope! Eager to hear about the next steps on your journey! xo

  2. Wonderful prayer. I am praying with you.
    I want this freedom to be myself with God and all who He brings into my life. No, lessons in trust never…no never go out of style. I seem to need it rather regularly!
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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